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Talkback: Implantation bleeding in pregnancy


  • i have been bleeding on and off for the last three weeks i havent been using any controception but just dont feel my self i did a preg test last week and it came out postive but today its neg i have cramping and backache have you been to epu so they can mointor you i have to go back this thursday to see if i am pregnant its my 5th pregnancy but i feel as if i am in limbo our bodies are strange things x
  • hi,

    i went into hospital into the 30/12/12 with pains and bleeding. i was told that i am pregnant and also experiencing an suspected miscarriage.

    the pain last only a few hours then i was feeling back to normal, however i feel nothing like my previous miscariage,

    i have been taking test every day and each test has been positive. today i took a clear blue test and it was positive and said i was 2-3 weeks.

    but i am still bleeding very very light and painless..

    have i miscaried or am i still pregnant
  • when I suffered a miss carriage, I was told it would take 3 weeks for the pregnancy hormone to go and the test to produce a negative. if you had a positive and now a negative, I would say you are no longer pregnant ;( blood tests can see if your hcg levels are still rising or falling and that is the only way to be certain
  • Hello everyone ! Need advice not sure what the deal is ... My period is almost 2 weeks late i have taken 8 or more test all came out positive went to the health department their came out negative came took two more both positive. But woke up with lite pink bleeding ( no pain) but now its red no clots or anything and starting to have dull lower bk pain. I had a mc bk in August. Could this be another one or am i still pregnant?
  • Good Day,

    I have been bleeding for 6 days now, Its been quite light, Nothing close to a normal period. It just seems to be taking so long. I am 5 weeks pregnant only. Its very stressful as I actually have no clue as to wheather things are okay, or not... This waiting game is awful. Should I worry?
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