Menstrual period late by 10 days. Not sure if pregnant!

Me and my boyfriend had sex on 19th Aug. We had used the withdrawal method and i didn't even take any of those 72 hrs pill. I then had my periods that month on 24th,which was the exact date I should have had my menses. It was relatively painfree and was a normal period. But this month,I am late at the periods by about 12 days. I did 2 home pregnancy test,one on the 6th day of missed period and the other on 9th and both turned out to be -ve. I am almost sure that I did nothing wrong during the test. But till today no sign of my period. I am not sure if there was any precum that night,we again had sex 15mins after he ejaculated,but he was dry,so he didn't bother to clean up. I checked out for all the possible symptoms of pregnancy,and I have none of them,except that I've been having constipation problems for about 2 weeks now and I am not sure if it is due to some other reasons! So,can please somebody help me and tell me if there are any chances of me being pregnant. It has scared the hell out of me.


  • Hi, withdrawal method is never safe as our ovulation days can change even if we have regular cycles. I was told by my doctor that it is actually normal for some people to miss a period once a year for no reason, don't ask me why but it has happened to me in the past. It is possible to get a false negative test but not a false positive so i would wait a few more days if it is still neg then i would say you wern't. Pregnancy symptoms can often feel the same as period symptoms and worry can make you be even later so try to take your mind off it somehow till you take another test. x

  • Thank you so much for your reply... I wanted to tell that I just did my 3rd pregnancy test and its about 3 in the morning. Yet another -ve but still no sign of my periods!! image And today is the 14th day past my menstrual date. Does that mean that I am not pregnant??!! I also wanted to add that I've been ovulating in good quantity since the past 3-4 days. What does this indicate? Plz reply and help me out...!

  • The absence of period is not only the sign of pregnancy but it also may be the sign of hormonal changes you may read the info here good luck!

  • 18th day of missed period,took morning test,still a -ve. Any suggestions anyone?!!

  • You could go to your doctors for a check up. I was three weeks late because I was stressed once.
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