Please read.. i need help


I am 23 years old and have had a very emotional past 2 days. I was roughly 10-14 days late on my period this month landing the first day of my period on October 10th, it only lasted about 48 hours. I took a very cheap pregnancy test when I was one week late, results being negative, I started one week later. It is October 24th today. At around 3:30am on the 23rd I woke up to some light spotting, brown in color. The spotting changed from brown to dark red after starting rather quickly and would get a tiny bit heavier at times (but never enough to fill more than one pad each day) while other times it would completely stop for a while. It is now the end of the second day and I am no longer spotting besides when I wipe. I did not experience any pain but am extremely tired. I am not taking any birth control. Spotting between periods is VERY uncommon for me, As a matter of fact I have never spotted between them. Thinking that what I was experiencing was a miscarriage caused me to be EXTREMELY emotional all day yesterday, and i mean laying in bed doing nothing but crying and sleeping. After looking up what some of the possibilities might be I realized that a miscarriage may not be the answer considering I did not have any type of cramps or anything of that nature. I read about implantation bleeding and I think it may be that. Being pregnant was not my plan but I am extremely suprised by my feelings of sadness to think I was pregnant with a baby and before i even got the chance to know about it, It was now being taken away from me.. and now it's caused me to want it more than anything in the world.

Please tell me it sounds more like implantation bleeding than a miscarriage..

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