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  • I am 10 weeks pregnant and I have been bleeding I've had a scan and the baby has a heart beat but the gp said they can see bleeding around the sack! I've been told not to strain, but that's pretty much it! Is this normal, I'm so worried I mayb losing my baby!
  • Sallyc,

    What was the outcome of your situation? Im experiencing the very same symptoms and am not certain what to do. I know if I go to A&E that there's nothing they can do. I've been bleeding (bright red) since Friday(2 days) and cramping like crazy. First appointment is schedule in 3 days and Im trying to just hold out until then....Your advice?
  • Hi

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I was bleeding for 5 days, I did an ultrasound and still showed a positive results. What could be happening to me?
  • I found out I was 6 week preg 5 days ago and today had normal bleeding with brown with heavy cramps doctor says I sound like I've miscarried bit I'm still hoping anyone had this and was still pregnant??
  • Ladies, I am not a doctor, but I just want to share what my doctor told me. I am 6 weeks, 2 days right now. I had cramping and brown spotting for 10 days. I was scared too. The thing to remember is that if the bleeding is more than an actual period, bright red in color with some clots, and your cramping gets worse with time, then you need to go to the ER. If it's not that bad, then please try not to worry. Yu could be cramping and bleeding for many reasons. You could have implantation bleeding, or your uterus is stretching, or your placenta can be attached to a certain area that is causing soreness. Keep thinking positive. All will work out in the end. :-)
  • Hello ladies il share my story

    baby number 1 i was 5 weeks and started bleeding went for early scan all was fine 2 weeks late rescanned all was still fine my little boy was born august 2012 8lb 14oz 

    baby number 2 may 2013 found out i was pregnant and at 5 weeks started bleeding this went on for 15 days and sadly ended as a natural m/c in july, i had scans and it showed baby growing but still ended as a m/c

    baby number 3 october 2013 found out i was pregnant again and over the moon! 6 weeks started bleeding, sent for scan got to see babies heart beating away was bleeding for 10 days went back for my 2nd scan to be told baby had died yet again! had to have a d&c xmas eve 

    I would say out of my own experiance that any bleeding should be checked out! as horrid and as sad as it is there is nothing the doctors,midwifes can do if it ends in a m/c and i also found blaming myself didnt help one bit! its a horrid thing for any lady to go through and i also found myself asking the question WHY a lot.

    You read so many stories about people bleeding for weeks whilst being pregnant and all being ok, i hoped this is what was happen to me the second time but sadly it was not ment to be. 

    Lets hope 2014 is a better year and i get my sticky belly fruit xx

  • can anyone ease my mind abit Im 7 weeks pregnant and woke up with really sore abdomen and today I started bleeding it was like watery brown and now its like dark red and ive still got a sore stomich not painful though what can this be? please help ahhh
  • I am convinced that Im having a miscarriage.. Im 7 weeks pregnant and been bleeding since 10.15pm on Thursday night.. I've had pains in my lower stomach for past 5 weeks but seem to be getting worse. I've seen 2 doctors this week and went to A&E lastnight.. all said my blood,urine and pressure are fine but say i need to get scan done.. but can't get one till Tuesday.. i am petrified and annoyed that no one can offer me a earlier scan.. any advise ladies???

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