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Talkback: Your complete guide to immunisations


  • Complete guide to immunisations....Really? You have got to be kidding. There is hardly any info. Keep on spreading this crap if you will, but it would be great if you actually informed parents instead of posting this lame guide. Weather or not a parent vaccinates is their choice, but if anyone vaccinated from your article....they really need to think more for themselves and realize that their child deserves better then this. I'm fine with parents vaccinating if they know exactly what they are doing and believe it is best....but this doesn't give any info. Start with some real info next time you want to make a "complete guide". The parents and babies deserve the truth, not just " its best for them that is ALL you need to know." And FYI, not all reactions are immediate and the life threatening ones can take hours to, yeah, those nurses giving the shots wouldn't see the reactions. That does NOT mean that it is safe or that the reactions are so rare it would take 200 years for them to see...well maybe to see the ones that happen within seconds, but not the normal dangerous reactions that take 30 mins to a few days to happen. One of the most common reactions is often dismissed and it happens all the time, no it doesn't always kill. but it can and is often deemed shaken baby syndrome mistakenly instead of a vaccine reaction. Swelling of the brain, vaccine induced encephalitis. Ever have a baby scream bloody murder for 2+ hours after a shot? that is usually encephalitis. The babies are in pain from their brain swelling. There is so much more I could educate you on, but I know it'll not make a difference at all. As I said, it is for every parent to research, make an educated decision on what is best for Their child. Whatever they feel is right for them is great, as long as they cared enough to do a bit of research. I'm not against vaccinations, but I am against ignorance..and this article is the epitome of ignorance. Sorry to say. Or at least it is because it is claiming to be a complete guide.

    P.s.Sorry if this is a never told me if it actually went through or not....
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