Talkback: What to expect in the first trimester


  • Hi Mama D

    Could you see your early pregnancy unit for a scan?  If you've not bled for 3mths you would naturally assume you'd be around 12wks by now.  A scan could confirm all your questions 1 - Are you pregnant?, 2 - Is pregnancy progressing normally? (is baby where it should be, heartbeat visible), 3 - How far along are you based upon size of baby?

    It is scary when things happen differently but that is the nature of pregnancy, every time is unique & what happened once may happen differently next time around.  Best wishes & good luck

  • hey I've just found out that I'm pregnant for the first time and I'm still getting period like pains and I'm a bit worried is it normal?
  • Hi Sarah. This is normal yes. I'm 6 weeks and had pains and aches. I had an early scan today and lucky for us all is good. If you bleed( not spot ) or pains become very painfully you should go a+e. don't hesitate.
  • I am 7 weeks pregnant.. and since the start i had bloated stomach and sickness...

    since last night there has been no sickness and tummy not bloated anymore... i did pass a lot of gas last night...

    i am getting paranoid.. is there anything to worry? I am having little movement type pain in stomach too but no cramps and no bleeding... Since start i had vaginal discharge(clear_

    Please help.
  • i am 6 weeks pregnant this being my first and keep gettibg stomach pains like periods in my sromach it is reallg worrying me if my tablets could be killibg the baby? i take lamotrogine due to suffering epilepsy just worrying about pains?
  • Hello,

    This is my third pregnancy and everything is so different. an ultrasound show that i am i should be 13 weeks, but the mid wife said that she could not feel anything, and almost doubted if i had a positive pg test. she said if i am pregnant, it should be early stages and not what i am saying. Over the past week, most of my ms has gone away, and don't feel as pg as i felt before. I am just wondering if i am still pregnant and baby is okay, any one? i haven't bled at any point in the past 3 months.

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