Talkback: Dealing with colic and crying in your baby


  • My little girl is suffering from a colic I didn't know that helped but she also has a blocked nose an I was told to so the same it seems to of helped as she is currently sleeping in her carry cot I push a small cushion under it so its titled and i personally put her on her side or back although some times on her tummy if she has bad colic and hot water bottle or hot bean bag works wonders hope this helps
  • How long will colic normally last for? I am worried my baby (3 months) cannot get rid of her symptoms. Are there any quick fixes?
  • Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your questions. We've popped them into the forum for Nikki Khan to answer at 12pm. There's a link in the above text for you to follow to where it's taking place.

    See you then!

    BX team
  • my baby is 4 weeks old. he suffers constantly with hiccups, is he too young for any of the prepared formulas available?, thank you sarah
  • A friend of mine baby had colic and she tilted the cot at an angle so her baby wasn’t lying straight, is this ok to do? are their any dangerous sleeping positions?
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