Talkback: Week 6 of pregnancy


  • Hi Sarah, I am in my 5th week and have had period like pain since last week. They say it is the uterus stretching to carry the baby
  • Hi , I've been having many pregnancy signs. I took 4 pregnancy tests all coming back Negative !!!? I am convinced I am pregnant due to the symptoms I've been having ... So I've been having nausea , headaches , food cravings, tiredness, pains in my abdomen & hips & I also had pinkish/ brownish discharge .. With spotting ! I was waiting for my period to come. Which by the way comes regularly around the SAME TIME each month . Well it's been 4 days late! I was awoken out of my sleep by feeling nauseous & I went and grabbed another pregnancy test & took it at 4:39 AM ... Negative again . The last time I had my period was January 5th 2014 it is now Feb. 9th & I still have theses crazy symptoms !! What could it be ?
  • hey I've just found out that I'm pregnant and I'm still getting period like pains and I'm a bit worried is it normal?

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