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Talkback: How early will my baby bump start to show?


  • soon as i found out i was pregnant, i felt my heeps, my back started to look bigger and by 8 weeks my bump started to show, every one thought i was 5months but didnt care what people said.
  • First time bump popped out about 8 weeks but I was very slim then lol, this time bump popped out before 8 weeks but was much bigger. Am almost 12 weeks now but could easily pass for being 5 or 6 months x

  • I really dont know if this is a bump already or just fats lol! Going on 6 weeks now
  • Im 8 weeks and I just look bloated all the time although iv only put 2lb on!
    Cant wait too have a bump :)
  • Im 17 weeks but no breast indication of been preagnant,but my bump gets bigger each passing day
  • my baby bump didn't show much until i entered 3rd trimester. baby born early (38th and 37th weeks so they are quite light)

  • I'm 8 weeks and starting to see a bump between my hips, and bloating in my tummy. Will I show soon?
  • I have a uterus that is up tilted, so I got a distinct bump at just 12 weeks :)
    At almost 19 weeks now though...I am bigger than most people at 24 weeks. I have a big baby on my hands!
  • My first pregnancy I was soo tiny at 9 months I looked 6 months I was actually overdue by a week being the furthest then everyone in the room yet being the tiniest. I literally only started showing at 7 months only things that never fitted where my pants now I'm 9 weeks 5 days pregnant & look like I'm 5 months pregnant haha my PJ's no longer fit like they did with first one. Thought other women where joking when they said I'll show earlier ??
  • Great advice, thanks. I'm just over ten weeks and can't wait to see more of a bump appear soon!
  • I'm struggling with my pregnancy. I'm around 6 weeks a long. And sometimes you can see my belly and other times you can't. Usually when I lie down you can't see it. Is this normal? It's my first pregnancy.
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