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Talkback: Your bottlefeeding questions answered


  • How do i post questions here?
  • I started of breast feeding but due to the medication I was on in relation to pregnancy post partum problems doctors advised to stop breast feeding so they can give me the right medication to recover as alternative was just not doing its job. From two weeks exclusively been breast fed we switched to Aptamil as this is what my older child was on after breast feeding. Have been expressing and throwing it away just to keep up supply until medication is out of my system so I can resume breast feeding. This is really hard as my doctor and HV had told me I will produce less milk and would have to use combination of both to meet growing babies demand.

    also the midwife and HV said aptamil is the closest to breast milk alternative.

    However it may not be suitable for some babies. Symptom includes runny poo, colic like or signs of discomfort after feeds, even with regular winding she is bring up some of her milk often. So it worries me she is not getting enough. My little baby is now 2months, growth wise is doing well, as she is gaining weight GP does not think there is a problem, and suggest colic is the cause and this usually clears after 3mths? I do not want to see my child in discomfort. What other formulas have moms tried for their new borns and would welcome recommendations so I can look them up. I am conscious that changing formular can further upset my baby and want to do research before switching.
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