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Talkback: How to deal with a toddler tantrum


  • "Try to meet your child halfway for a hug, and then distract them." Love this! One of the best parenting advice on toddler tantrums. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hi. I am another desperate mum who doesn't know how to handle my son's tantrums. He is 2 years and a half, his communication seems to be improving but his behaviour is becaming worse and worse. When his tantrums happen I tried to hug him, being rejected always and he gets worse, I tried to distract him, he doesnt even listen or look at me. He can reach more than 30 minutes crying, shouting and throwing everything, everywhere. I am totally lost. I really need help, please.
  • Sometimes it's best to have them take it all out. Of course do make sure the environment is safe and they don't hurt themselves. It's best to talk to them about it after they have calmed down. When you try to talk to them when they are throwing a tantrum half of your message will just go to waste.
  • Hi I've got a little boy he's 18 months and keeps having tantrums he hits me scratches and bangs his head on the floor and I get so frustrated with him I really don't know what to do its so hard to calm him down if youve got any advise please help x
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