Talkback: How taking folic acid before and during pregnancy could reduce autism risk


  • I haven't heard about folic acid helping to prevent autism. Although i know that it does help prevent certain neural tube defects such as spina bifida and cleft pallet if taken from 12 weeks prior to conception. My friend had an amniocentesis, and was infirmed that her daughter may have severe autism, and had the option to abort, but decided against it. When her daughter was born, she was absolutely fine. I think that if you want a baby so badly, it doesn't matter if they are born with any defects, as long as they are born into a loving and caring family. I wish you lots of lucj and health with your pregnancy, and hope everything turns out well for you.

    Sarah xx
  • Ps- Just seen the pic of you and your son...he's absolutely gorgeous! You must be so very proud xx
  • Is it okay to drink folic acid through out your pregnnacy?
  • to be honest i'm not so sure of the facts here. I have taken folic acid religiously before conceiving with both my pregnancy's (i'm in first trimester of 2nd) my son was recently diagnosed on the moderate to severe side of the autism spectrum in January. i'm not so sure about folic acid helping prevent as it hasn't in my case. I believe autism is carried through your genes, you either carry it or you don't. Autism is in my family, it has been a few generations of first born sons that have autism yet the females of the family carry the gene, so i don't think anything would have prevented my son having autism its in my genes and I have accepted that, and love him just as much as I would a healthy child and this next child.
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