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Talkback: Ten fun signs you're TTC


  • Hi there

    my husband and I are starting to try for a baby this month. I have been on the pill for over 10 years and we have finally decided to try for a baby. I am a very impatient woman and I want it to happen straight away! I am booked in to see the dr in 3 days to get an overall check up and make sure my body is ready for a baby. I have only been off the pill for 5 days and I am very excited and anxious! waiting for my period to come so I can calculate when I am most likely to ovulate is driving me crazy! but fingers crossed it will happen sooner rather than later for me and for YOU bex5! xx
  • Hi girls, i am new to this site, i was just wondering if you did conceive? ive been trying for a year now and still no luck. x
  • Hi lottpot me and my husband were trying for 14months and we finally got preg in march and sadly mc on the 8th June...... We are trying again we started straight away has your partner been to his gp as well as yourself there could be low sperm count or other reason.... Getting preg isn't easy for some me and my OH are trying any chance we get x
  • Hi guys, how can I conceive quickly? I really need it now.
  • Hi, Me and my husband were trying from last 7 months but every time i got my periods one day before the due daye. but this time it was suppose to be on 21 and today is 22 but there's no sign for periods but i m very scared to try to check if the result comes negative :(
    . what should be the right time to chk?
  • Hi anyone else hoping to concieve this month? x
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