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Talkback: 10 of the best parenting confessions!


  • Hi Elaine! Thanks for sharing your confession! Anyone else got any cheeky parenting moments they'd like to reveal?
  • on the bus with my 3yr old niece, she asks me 'aunty alex why does that man have a drink?'i said 'no sweetie, thats a lady, and shes thirsty, so she has a drink' to which she kept insisting 'NO its a MAN'. this went on for a little while-poor woman. it WAS a lady, she just had short hair!! and im sure she heard the whole thing! x

  • My most embarrassing moment was in the waiting room at our Gp. My little girl saw a man with quite the tummy on him and said at the top of her voice, "look muumy he's also having a baby". No where to go and no where to hide. Lol
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