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Talkback: How long does implantation bleeding last?



  • hi i think i might be pregnant, iv been on the microgynon pill for 2 n half years i have been off them for 2-3 months my periods have been regular lyk clockwork never had a problem. I was 9 days late i did 2 home tests both negative, then i started bleeding for 2 days ( wasnt normal started of brown then red-pink) my periods usually last 7-8 days i have nausea with my first baby i had no symptoms to start of with so i am not sure, could i be pregnant? Could dis be spotting?

  • Im ttc for a second baby. My last period started July 6th and lasted for 3 days like always. I used a ovulation tracker and had sex with my husband every single day during my fertile days. Ive had some symptoms I dont normally get with a regular period. Then mid day yesterday 8/1 I had some very light pink when I wiped only. It was only there twice and then nothing else. I got it again once this morning 8/2 and its a light brown.. Im wondering if I could be pregnant and what I am getting now is implantation bleeding?? I didnt get implantation bleeding with my daughter.. so Im not sure what it supposed to look like. Ive had very sore breasts, nausea, smell sensitivity, increased hunger and im more tired. Could I be pregnant? Im never early with my period. its always spot on the day...

  • Hi. My period was due on the 29th July 2013 and just on 6th August 2013 i had very light pinky blood which only justed finished 9th August 2013. Before my period was due i was getting headaches every now and then cramping sore tummy, very low back pains and even vomited one day. I also done hpt on the 1st August 2013 which was negative. Could i be pregnant or not.

  • I am experiencing what i think is implantation bleeding , i have very irreagular periods , i had sex 3 months ago but in the begining of this month ive had brown discharge , i had sex 4 days ago and ive had that discharge again but with very little bit of blood , sorry for too much information , but i need help , maybe i got pregnant one of those times but i dont know im very confused and need help .
  • hi ya at first I had heavy period about 2 months ago and last month I had a very light period which was pink blood and red it was very light I don't know what is it I had no cramps with as well which is odd I always have back cramps being trying for our second baby my first son was emergy c section just abit worried about getting pregnant what does this mean
  • Hi.. a day before my af was due i started a light dark red/brown bleed but had bad lower back cramps. It stayed light for a day or two then spotting. Its four days on and spotting has just stopped but my lower back and abdomen are so uncomfortable. My stomach is kinda swollen too and I've had tingly breasts, headaches, constipation and am really gassy. I had unprotected sex the day before and on day of ovulation. Could this have been implantation? Anyone had my symptoms and been pregnant? Thanks

  • HI, I have PCOS and my last natural period was January 6th 2013! I went to my gp who put me on a 3week course of norethisterone (hormone tablet) to make me have a bleed.... I did have a bleed starting on August 19th 2013, this lasted for 6days. I also have been taking my metformin for 2-3weeks for my pcos. On Thursday 5th September I noticed the smallest amount of pinkish stain in my underwear, it was literally so small i barely noticed! Well its now 9th September and I am still having the spotting, dark pinky brown staining when wiping and also checking my cervix I get browny pink blood on my fingers, the blood is never red in colour... Does this sound to you like inplantation bleeding? I just don't know what else it could be. I know only time will tell. If The bleed on August 19th was a period and not just a bleed from have taken the norethisteronI, I sholud be due on Monday 18th September IF I have 28day cycles.

    i must say my periods are very irregular therefore I don't know when I'm ever due on....



    thanks image 

  • I am bleeding off and in for 24 hours quite red I never come on early this is 5 days early should I do a test?
  • Hi on Monday I thought I got my menstrual ,I had a physical and was going do my pap but didn't because of my menstrual . When I got home and checked it was light pink and stopped untill yesterday again pink and stopped done a pregnancy test and it came out negative is it possible that I'm pregnant
  • hi there am new to this forum, basically i have been diagnosed with pco got told 1year ago when i actually started trying in december too, i never had a natural period since i come off the yasmin pill in december 2012.The doctors refered me to have a scan done and it showed on one of my ovaries i have 12-14cyts but was not confirmed in the blood test, so the doctors gave me provera tab to take to induce my period which i have been doing recently i had my period 2weeks ago started on 3th feb to 8th feb and yesterday i woke up and saw am bleeding again as spotting , am really confused to what this is? my doctors are useless no help at all.,.. they told me it can be due to ovulation but am sure i ovulated last week as i had the symtoms.. could some one please help me and tell me what i can do ?? and what this is ?? 

  • 18 to 19 dpo. 9 day late for my period hpt was negative but this morning saw lite pink egg like mucus or it bake clear now im confused or could I be prego lower back pain pee alot eat good nhad heart burn last night help
  • Hi, im new to this site. Came upon it when i was looking for advice. Or reassurance, my first pregnancy my implantation bleeding lasted a week, 5 months later found out I was pregnant. Gave birth, tried BC pills but they didn't work. Went onto the BC injection side affects were really bad. Received my period 5 months after injection was worn out. Periods have arrived as per usual 4 days with cramping in ovary area & backache. They would start 2 days of the last month & carry over onto next month. Husband & i have regular intercourse with pull out method. My question is, i had a brownish discharge yesterday with cramping that lasted one day, had nausea the day before yesterday, been cramping as usual before a period but usually it would start a few hours later but nothing. Here is where it gets confusing, my period isn't due for another week. Could it be implantation bleeding as this isn't like my first pregnancy spotting. Help I'm a little worried as trying to prevent pregnancy for now as my baby girl is only 8.5 months old. Please opinions are really grateful. Thanks
  • I'm trying for a 3rd one for last few months. I started my period last night, 4 days early since last night i only had some very light brown spotting. I have a lower backache but no cramps... Bit confused now. How long should i wait before do a pregnancy test, i don't want to do it too soon to avoid disappiontment??
  • Hi

    im looking for some advice.i was due on my period 27.4 but nothing came until 31st but this was just old brown blood when I wiped nothing was on my pad. Woke up Sunday morning to what I thought was my period. I needed to a tampon until Monday afternoon. The bleeding just stopped and wasn't until earlier tonight ive had brown blood only when wiping. i have had unprotected sex with my partner during my fertile days. Is it worth me testing or is my body just having a crazy month.

    Btw my periods usually last 4 days and are regular and I'm 26 if that counts for anything.

  • Hi im breasfeeding my one yr old and not had a period i had fresh light blood and discharge wen i wiped 2 days ago and nothing since is that sign period could be coming or implatation bin trying for another x
  • Hi my period came on 10dpo its not as heavy as normal im also having different kinda cramping ... I am 4 days early mind u im also 43yrs of age but ttc .. Im usually spot on with my periods every 27days ... My bleed is watery light red but not normal flow could this be implatation bleed xx
  • I was the same girls! Had suspected inplant bleeding very early in my cycle (never ever bled between periods & 30 this year) a week later tested faint BFP then 3 days later BFN using the same pg test brand & 2 cheap brands! AF id due in 3 days so shall see what happens! X x x
  • Trying to find out my last period was June 28 I'm not as opposed to start period for another 5 to 7 days but I took a bath today and had blood in my discharge that was pink and brown but my tubes r tide this would make me have a 21 day cycle no cramps or anything
  • I've read in several places that implantation bleeding can be red. It all depends on fast the blood is able to travel out of the body and also if it's a late implantation your body may already be preparing to have your af, especially since it takes implantation to signal to the body that pregnancy has taken place and to stop the period, that the cervix could have been open for that until hcg raised enough for it to close, hence the quicker exit of blood. I've also read in places that cramping can be involved for the same reason.
  • me and my partner have been trying for a baby for about nearly 3months now. im due on this Wednesday coming which will be the 10th September over the weekend I had some spotting and then had bleeding with blood clots what could this mean? ive done pregnancy tests but there saying there negative is it to early to tell?? someone please help
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