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Talkback: How long does implantation bleeding last?



  • I was ovulating last night and me and my partner slept together and then I went to toilet and I was bleeding but am not due on my period for another month and I was just wondering if you could help me x
  • I took a test and it was positive but then I started getting cramps then I got a period but the start of it was pinkish.. Is it implantation bleeding. Cause I'm confused
  • I have a missed period, having 7dpo and am having light red spotting, i took pregnacy test 2 times, the result is negative is it possible that am pregnant?
  • I think I am 13 DPO. I used OPK to detect the LH Serge and got a positive on CD20.

    My AF was due 2 days ago. Today should be my CD3. I have had very light bleeding that I only notice if I wipe and it's only been maybe 2 drops. It's red/pink though. Normally once I see that my AF comes in very heavy. But it hasn't come. I keep getting negative pregnancy tests so I am very confused. Could I have ovulated later and this he implantation bleeding and there just not be enough HCG in my urine yet?
  • My period 28day cycle I started blooding 5days ago not due till tomorrow when I wipe It like watery on the toilet paper has anyone else experience this
  • And been having backache and can't sleep that good at night
  • Hi I have PCOS. Never had a regular cycle in my life with the longest time between periods being 14 months. Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for a year and a half. Unfortunately I have been denied fertility treatment as I'm only 21 and you must been 23 to receive NHS treatment. Anyway, after many attempts and many, many false test results and a lot of sadness from the both of us I've been having some strange feelings. A bit of nausea and backache and well as heartburn. I had some strange bleeding. It started off very light and light in colour then I had nothing for about 2 days. Then I got very dark coloured bleeding which lasted only 2 days. I still have about a week before my period is due but because of my PCOS I never know. I may do a pregnancy test tomorrow just don't want another negative
  • My period isn't due untill 6 days, my breast are sore, an slight cramps on an off. When I have sex a little brownish blood come from me after that no more blood. This has happen twice with in a week before my period is due. What can this possibly be ?
  • I'm having some unusual slight cramping in my stomach area. They feel kind of like period cramps. But, I know that I am not due for a period for another couple weeks. However, I also got sick over smelling dirty dish water. Could I possibly be pregnant?
  • Hi. I am new on here. I came off the pill at the beginning of September and my period followed 30 days later. Prior to going on the pill, my periods were regularly around 28/29 day cycles. We've been ttc since I came off. I used to get ovulation pain, mainly in my right side and bang on 15 days before I came on, I felt it. This month I felt it on my left side a bit earlier, only 12 days after the start of my last period. We had sex that night and 9 days later I had light pink spotting, which started to go brown. It was intermittent and after 4 days it went away completely. On the 4th day I had some cramps, again in my left side. I have never had spotting between periods before, so googled it and learn about implantation bleeding. I am wondering, giving the timing and colour, if this is what it is. I did a pregnancy test on day 3 of the bleeding and it was negative. Nor sure what to make it of it all. If my cycles are 30 days now, I am not due until 6th November, but if I ovulated, as I am pretty sure I did on 19th October, I could come on 15 days later, which is 3rd November. I don't have sore boobs or any other signs of early pregnancy, although I do feel only mildly queasy. Has anyone experienced this before and actually been pregnant? I am hoping I took the test too soon, so will take one again on Friday. Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Can someone give me some advice..

    I will start from the being,

    In 11-2017 I had a miscarriage then received depo 11-23-2017

    I been feeling tired, nausea ,bloating, breast tender, lower back and side pain-cramping, then white-brown discharge..

    In late January early feb brown discharge then again for 1-3 days very light then yesterday brown-red discharge one time and right side pain near the hip bone/lower back pain/lasted 1 hour but all the test is not prego..

    What is going on…please help…

    Thank you
  • I had implantation bleeding and even bled twice while having sex in the beginning of my pregnancy and it was quite a bit. It’s all common and my doctor had told me about how sensitive we are “down there” when pregnant. If it only lasts about two days and it’s not heavy it can even be like a light period. You should be fine. Always talk to a doc though just in case. (If you already know you’re pregnant)
  • I have one healthy baby boy (just FYI) for my comment above ^
  • Hey ladies,

    Like Crystal Macneil, I also have Endometriosis. Me and my partner already have a 3 year old son. His birthday has just gone. March 16th.

    I was on the contraceptive patch for nearly 3 years, but had it removed slighty early (Feburary 10th)

    I was bleeding the day of the implant removal. Then stoppes bleeding later that day.

    My period was due on 27th of this month (March) but I've had 3 days of very light, pinkish/brown bleeding (18th - 20th... with a tiny bit this morning 21st)

    Do you think this is implantation bleeding or just my body getting back into a cycle.

    I've been feeling sick, but haven't been sick. Also my boobs have been rediculously sore. Cramping too. After reading up, I know these are signs of implantion bleeding and also ovulation.

    Just wondered what you ladies were thinking?

    I know the obvious would be "Do a pregnancy test" but as many of you will feel and know... I don't want to be told im not pregnant.

    Having Endomertiosis makes it so much harder as the chances to falling pregnant become a battle rather than fun.

    Sorry for the essay. But I love reading how much advice and support you all give each other & thought I have a go.

    Much love to you all & I hope there are many positive tests to come xxxxx
  • Hi my period suppose to come on 13th of April but I saw myself bleeding on 10th of April. At first the blood was pink in color and it comes in form of sport. But the following day it get dark and heavier more than the first time I saw it. Immediately I use home pregnant test to check whether am pregnant or not but the result was negative, am see all the symptoms of pregnancy. Pls want does it means??
  • Today I had very light spotting only for a couple of hours (period isn't due until the 28th of april) but all month I have been feeling tender nipples and nausea and bloating here and there and back pain and headaches and constipated plus I have been losing a lot of weight which that happened before in my other pregnancies please someone help me I don't know if I should take a test or not
  • Hi, I’m a bit confused and was wondering if anyone could help me? Thursday I took my last contraceptive pill to have a break for my period. Normally what happens when I take my last pill is three days after I come on my period! I never have cramps when I have my period at all! Since Thursday I’ve been in a lot of pain like “period pain cramps” I put a pad on Sunday as I thought I was going to come on turns out I didn’t! I have been getting pains near my left ovary like a sharp shooting pain! Yesterday when going to the toilet I wiped and there was a little bit of blood that was light pink with a jelly like consistancy and every time I went to the toilet it was just very light! Today I’ve been to the toilet over 10 times when wiping I’ve had little clots that are light brown and discharge when I looked this up it said about an implantation bleed, when I took a test it was negative! What should I do? X
  • I’ve been pregnant once. I had a medical abortion because I wasn’t healthy enough and financially stable to have a child. Now me and my fiancé are somewhat stable and I want to give him a baby. After the abortion I had regular periods but up until February I stopped having a period . I took many tests to confirm my pregnancy but all were negative but one. Recently I have had light bleeding for the past 2 weeks and they have been brown. My abdomen feels full after small meals and I get mild cramps but not often since I started spotting. Yesterday I had lower back pain and my breast’s feel heavier . I’m not a healthy woman either. I weigh 309 Lbs Ive had Thyroid issues in the past but it hasn’t stopped my period for more than a week and ever since then I’ve had normal period up until 6 months after the abortion. What’s happening to my body? Please help. I’m waiting for insurance to kick in so I can go see a gynecologist. And if your going to bash me I don’t care because no one understands me and my fiance’s struggle.
  • Im expecting to be pregnant, but I had implantation bleeding for about 4days. In my first bleeding the colour is red but on my 3rd and 4th day of bleeding it's brown, it's is just normal?
  • Last period was 7/13 ovulation day was 8/7 started having light intermediate cramps and have had a strange light (bright red preiod with a few micro sized super sticky clots) AF is not due until Wed 8/22 any ideas? Could i be experiancing implantation bleeding? I have also been having bad heartburn and have never had that in my life!
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