Talkback: The MMR vaccine – your questions answered


  • Hi Fiona,

    The MMR jab is typically offered to your child at 12-13mths of age & they should then receive a booster pre-school so between 3-5yrs of age.

    Some children haven't received this booster or have not been given any jab at all but with Measles on the increase they are now offering the MMR to every child of school age 5-16yrs who may not have had a booster in order to top up their immunity.  It is however just that, an offer, you don't have to have it done if you choose not to.

  • My son has his MMR when he was little privately three separate injections my gp was given all the relevant paperwork. They are now saying he as to have the MMR jab he is now 11. Why?
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