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Talkback: Why some women suffer bleeding and cramps in early pregnancy



  • Hi im 7-8 weeks pregnant and im bleeding browny red coloured discharge and im having period pain and backache can anyone reassure me this is normal
    As im scared im miscarrieing
  • Hello. I am about 5 to 6 weeks pregnant and was getting what i felt were pretty severe menstrual cramps. they were intense, and i was convinced it was because my period was coming, which of coarse it never came, and i found out i was pregnant. Once i realized i was pregnant, i thought back to those cramps and it kinda scares me. They started when my fiance and i were "doing it" and lasted about 5 mins. It seamed like i would ony get the menstrual like cramps when i orgasm. Is that normal? I did get them one time in the middle of the night but it wasnt bad at all compared to that time.
  • I am 4 weeks and 6 days.......I bleed a lottt yesterday, when I went to doctor and checke date u/s, they said, the sac in my tummy was empty........they couldn't see anything. They checked me if I was getting miscarriage but the tube was closed but still
  • Did anyone go through a similar situation and what was the outcome
  • Hi,
    I got what I thought was my period 5weeks after my last period (18/1/14) had lots of cramping and bleeding was normal apart from it never stopped after 3 days - is carried on (lighter) and still getting light cramps..
    Went to see my doctor and he sent me for blood tests (day 21) as he thought I had started ovulating on my own after 8yrs of not as I have pcos- I stated doing ovulation tests every day and they were all coming back positive - I seen online that this can also mean you are pregnant so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive- called NHS direct and they advised everything sounds common and not to worry but booked me in for a scan just to check.., (tomorrow)
    Still very worried as been bleeding for 3weeks xx
  • Took 7 tests all come back positive turns out I am 5 weeks pregnant then started bleeding took a test today it says negative any ideas
  • @siera..
    I think u must have known everything before, but for the other who are in similar situation ..4 w6 d is too early to see anything other than sac.. Usually at 6 week we are able to see fetal pole and heartbeat.

  • @jd24

    If the test was positive initially and then it turned negative, m sorry to say but there are chances that hcg levels are reducing , which is not good. 

  • Hi ladies,

    I had spotting at 8 weeks which lasted 5 days and therefore ended up having an early scan which showed baby was fine.  I then had some red blood when wiping (more than just spotting) when I was 17 weeks pregnant which was a mixture of the red blood and then brown/pink spotting for 6 days.  Again had another scan and baby was fine.  I am now just over 20 weeks and had a little bit of red blood again last week (just once when I wiped) but I can feel baby moving about now each day so I know baby is ok.  The hospital did an internal on me and said they couldn't see where the baby was coming from and also on scans there was nothing showing up that could be causing the bleeding.  They said some women just have unexplained bleeding/spotting in pregnancy, so guess I am one of them.


    Just wanted you to know that not all bleeding/spotting is bad news image but would also recommend you get it checked out as I believe it's better to be safe than sorry. x

  • OK so I started spotting on the 1st of August my period is due on the 20th its now the 3rd and I'm still spotting the first day it was light pink and I could only see blood if I wipe myself the 2nd day it was pink and brown with light cramps that I only felt once this morning it was gone but came back by noon still light pink and brown followed by Light cramps in My hips and lower stomach I puked twice today after eating a salad with no meat and 2 1/2 donuts and a banana also after eating 2chicken breast and a wing (all baked) Idk if it was the cooks or what but it happened please let me know what you think  could I be pregnant???

  • June 22nd i had a normal period lasting 4 days. i ovulated a week later. july 19 i had started to spot light bleeding lasted for 2 days and i spotted pink to brownish color, i think indicating implantation bleeding. i have an appointment on tuesday august 26. but august 19 i started spotting a brown color spotting lasting all day on the 20 i bled heavily only cramping for 15 minutes, i think due to standing up for too long. while bleeding on the 20 i went through one pad every 5 hours. now on the 21 it is easing up and starting to go away. i only cramped that one time. could this be a miscarriage or what can be going on.

  • Hi guys, I had period like bleeding at exactly 8 weeks pregnant. I had a scan the following day, convinced I'd had a miscarriage, but it was in fact only a breakthrough bleed, which was exactly when my period was due. Baby was absolutely fine! Do not worry if you bleed, mine honestly was quite heavy for that day, but subsided. If bleed worsens, accompanied by cramping, go and see your dr/midwife

  • Hi! I Think I'm at 4 weeks now. I had what I thought was implantation bleeding last week because it was only spotting and I thought it was my period so I put a tampon in and it came out completely clean. I've had all of the signs and symptoms. Nausea, cramping, loss of appetite, increased hunger, tingling boobs, change in nipple color and the bumps have become crazy noticeable but my period was supposed to start a few days ago.. I started spotting today and a little crampy and tired. It's not heavy at all or super bright.. I'm just afraid that I was wrong all along. I took a test a week ago but it was negative. I thought it was too early to test and it was from the Dollar tree. I've never had symptoms.. I just feel that I'm pregnant. But why am I bleeding?
  • I was between 6-8 weeks pregnant when i started early pregnancy signs my breasts were sore,a week ago or so i noticed the tingling stopped and the soreness went away.notthinking of anything about this because this was my first baby.i started having brownish pinkish blood 5 days also had slight mucus soon as i could call mg ob i did,they saw me and ordred ultrasound.they said everything was ok with the results.but my concern was i was still bleeding...i have a follow-up appt nxt week and they want to redo the test.i cannot wait for the bleeding to stop,i was wishing it would.last night 4-8-2015 my slightly brownish pinkish discharge becane deep red and i start r d having clots come Out,it wasnt mucus. No longer...i was hoping it would stop but four hrs later i miscarried at the hospital.i lost my little peanut.i even saw the embryonic sac where my little peanut was safe inside of me...that moment i knew everything was over and my heart just dropped.i am 4 months shy of being 37yrs ladies...i guess mother nature cannot handle my little peanut so it had to go.i am ok physically but still have tears everytime ithink about it.i also started my pregnancy "healthy" ,no mmorning sickness or nausea i was carefull what i ate coz i could eat everything including the harmful ones too...which i never did.good luck to whoever will read my short story...
  • i have bleeding too .. but now its not .. could i be pregnant or just a period
  • I am 10 weeks pregnant and I'm also spotting and bleeding, I am really scared cause I really don't want to loose this baby, I have 2 kids already, one misscarriage 2 years ago and hope this won't be another. I feel alone on this.
  • Im 5ish weeks pregnant, started bleeding last night this brown/tinged red stringy mucus stuff, still here today and have mild back ache... 1st pregnancy went smoothly but this ones got me worried already anyone been in my position and had a healthy baby? X
  • Hi. I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys, and recently got pregnant by accident (well, I was hoping to have that accident, if you know what I mean...). I am forty years old, and was very happy to learn that we might finally have the girl that I have been wishing to bring to this world. Like my previous pregnancies, this one was very healthy, with perhaps a bit of drowsiness, but no morning sickness or else. When I visited the doctor for my first appointment, though, our embryo looked smaller than it should have been for the time, and there was no heartbeat. The doctor said I should go back in a week, because perhaps I had ovulated late and thus the embryo was younger than we calculated. I had my suspicions, as I am sure did the doctor, that the pregnancy was not going well, but the doctor did her best to present the best possible scenario for me.

    Ten days after that appointment, and two days after the next scheduled visit to the doctor, I had a little spot. I called the doctor and was told to lie down and apply progesterone. That evening I bled and started having cramps. The next day I visited the doctor, and my embryo was found to be smaller than before and without a heartbeat. Unfortunately, our pregnancy was lost. It seems that the embryo did not develop well, and nature did its part in making sure that the pregnancy did not follow through.

    The main reason that I am writing this comment is to share with all mothers who might go through this that THERE IS NOTHING YOU MAY HAVE DONE WRONG, and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO AVOID THIS, ONCE IT HAS HAPPENED. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!!

    I have gone through a lot of physical and emotional pain since yesterday. The internet with all its sources, including this very site, were extremely useful in helping me understand what was going on. As the doctor states in this article, my case is part of a small percentage of pregnancies, and I am writing to that small percentage. This is a very difficult situation for both you and your family, but it does not mean that you have done anything wrong, and it definitely does not mean that it will happen again. Spoil yourself, let others spoil you, go to a spa, have that glass of wine that you could not have when you were carrying that bundle of love, and move on.
  • I'm 3 weeks and a half and today I felt some cramping and pressure on my vagina and when I went to the restroom and wipped, I saw a very small spot of red blood. I'm very worried, has any of y'all experience this before all together
  • Hi  an my bf have been trying to get pregnant my period are not hitting the 28 cyl today is my day I should have my period but nothing normally I'm on 2 days before oh the day before but haven't 2 nite ago I had very bad pains in my belly thought I was in labour to the point done a test 3 days ago come bk negative boobs feel heavey an sore lower bk pain an hurts to sleep with my partner is this sign of pregnancy 

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