Talkback: Expressing your breast milk


  • Expressing Shouldn't be a burden

    I love my pump - I got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack since a backpack fits my style better - It Just looks like a regular backpack, no one knows what's inside or realizes where I disappear to for 10 minutes

    I highly recommend Medela's breast pumps - There are cheaper ones but pumping isn't about spending quality time with your nursing child - It's about getting through your day quickly to get home to your nursing child. (cheaper won't give you the double pumps and that's what makes this so fast)

    If you have to pump daily, it's very important that pumping not become a burden - get a good pump that will work quickly - The double pump that lets you do both sides is amazing. Besides that 2 pumps takes half the time, Each side is causing the other side to let down faster (I once saw this with a friend who thought she would be able to nurse twins together - Didn't work cause the babies couldn't drink as fast the milk was coming - but here, fast is perfect)

    Medela rates very high because it does it's job very well (even if you prefer to pump one side at a time) - plus its wonderful bags that include insulated cold storage for the pumped milk till you get it home

    Just find the bag that fits your lifestyle - I love the knapsack. My friend who works full time in an office with older men who really wouldn't be comfortable even "thinking" that she breat feeds, has the Medela Pump in Style Advanced The Metro Bag It just looks like a large pocketbook (these men have no idea whether it's in style and they would never dream of asking a lady what's in her large pocketbook
  • I found the best time to express was either in the middle of the night or 1st thing in the morning but rather than doing it when your baby is asleep or playing, do it when they are feeding. For me having my daughter feeding from 1 side allowed my natural let down to start the milk flowing from the opposite breast. This means that you're not spending any extra time expressing as you just spend the time that you're already feeding in expressing at the same time. I used a manual pump (the tommee tippee 1) as it was quiet & didn't disturb my daughter. If you express at roughly the same time every day then your body will know to produce milk at the same time every day & you'll be able to express what you need. I used to let her feed on 1 side & express on the other & then swap when she wanted the other side. Your breasts never fully empty so you don't need to worry about not having enough during the feed for your LO.
  • In the reasons for you didn't include an inability to breastfeed, my daughter wouldn't stay latched on and was very panicy when feeding as she was very jaundice and we had to be kept in hospital. However i really wanted her to have breastmilk so i exclusively pumped for her, I did this for 15 weeks at which point my milk supply stopped so i was unable to continue, but i spent 15 weeks feeding every 3 hours and pumping every 3 hours, it was exhausting but worth it to know I gave her the best start.

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