Talkback: What are the signs that labour is about to start?


  • I'm 36nd2days this is my third child i know u r thinking she should be a pro but its been six years. i did lose small amounts of mucus plug had a small amount of brown blood. I fill really sick diarria started three days ago babys moved down really tierd way more than normal menstral like cramps everyday sence monday I'm getting sicker. any advice
  • Sounds like body is preparing for labour, I've been losing mucus for ages and had a runny bum for 2 weeks now. Pain is almost unbearable but I can't gave my baby naturally as she's footling breech so gotta have a c section next Thursday. Good luck x

  • Advice ladies I'm 36+6 and for the past 2 days had severed tummy cramps like period ones above and below my belly button and tightenings, also lots of bowel movements soft not diarrhoea and gas not forgetting to mention appetite gone completely :( also extremely tired but feel good if that makes sense, HELP first time mummy don't know what's wrong with me x
  • Hi ladies, I am 37+ 6 and have noticed that I am getting more and more Braxton hicks, I had them all last night about 10 mins apart for several hours but they stopped when I went to sleep. I gave had the odd few today, I have felt liked I need to empty my bowels a lot over the last couple of days which is unusual for how I have been feeling got the last couple of months. I had quite bad tummy pain early which was constant but disappeared after I had a nice long bath, this is my second child but was induced with my first and therefore had no signs of going in to labour previously, I obviously don't want to get my hopes up but I am hoping that some of these things are signs of me going into labour soon as desperately want to avoid being induced this time! Any advice would be much appreciated! X
  • Sounds like baby wont be long hun! I forgot I'd posted on this thread! I managed to make it to my c sec date had lots of bx the night before and on the morning of my section. Just take it easy and rest as much as poss x GL x

  • Hi I'm 36+4, I've been getting Braxtons for quite some time now, this is my second child but my first I was induced then had an emergency section so haven't had any signs of a natural labour before.. I'm prone to back to back babies so lower Back pain is something I've had almost the whole pregnancy. I've been having loose bowel movements, very distributed nights for 3 nights now. Waking almost every hour needing to pee but barely anything happening, I've been feeling sick, not been hungry but been feeling the baby pushing down a lot recently. I'm confused because some are signs of early labour but not had a show or waters breaking.. I'm due to have a section again in just under 3 weeks but really want to go naturally this time, can anyone help?
  • Hello jadehills92. It's all very confusing, isn't it? The last weeks leading up to your due date seem to be peppered with 'signs' that could be, and then, on reflection, might not be, the beginnings of labour. 

    You've actually posted in the comments under an article on labour signs - nothing wrong with that! - but the other comments were posted quite some time ago now, so other people may not necessarily see your post.

    Would you like to start a new discussion thread in our Labour & Birth topic? Happy to help you, if you're not sure how. And then I'm sure you'll get some helpful replies...

  • Hello, I am close to having my baby, we have found we are having a healthy baby girl! Her due date is on 9th June! I have had lots of bleeding and my boobs have gotten really sore, tummy cramps and a bit of mucus. I am wondering of she will come a bit earlier? As this is my 2nd baby I will have a c section this time, as my last one I had a vaginal birth and it was horrible! Good luck to anyone thats having a baby soon! :) XX
  • Hi I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday and feeling really heavy everyone is saying I'm carrying low. Got major backache all the time can't sleep constantly on the loo. Struggling to walk as it hurts and now today iv got this ache in my groin. Also had a burning sensation at the top of my belly the last week or so. Hope these next 8weeks and 4 days hurry up xx
  • Hi ladies.. I've been reading these forums non stop for the past week so finally decided to join! I am currently 41+2 and so fed up as I've suffered really bad spd with this pregnancy so I want my baby girl out now. I've been booked in for induction in 5days time but I'm really scared of being induced and it leading to a section.

    Anyway last night, at midnight I had my bloody show was alot of thick mucus with blood streaks through it and also a little blob of red mucus. I then got excited thinking ok tonight could be the night.. woke up this morning contractions or anything! So even though it's painful to walk i decided to have a long waddle around asda and do a big food shop.. came back after 1.5 hours and had a huge glob of yellow mucus plug in my pants but still no contractions.. sorry tmi!

    I guess my question is to you lovely ladies is, how soon after you had your bloody show did contractions start or did u go into labour and does it sound like my labour could be under way??

    I'm going to bounce on my birthing ball whilst I await a reply! :)
  • hi im 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my second child and lost alot of mucus on friday went to go ring community midwifes..whilst walking down stair and finding my papers realised i was wet down below and they said sometimes it can happen when you have pelvic girdle you can sometimes go numb down below and to put a maternity pad on if it is sodden then go into them..but all weekend i have had little pains and alot of back pains lower back and going half way up my back..its hurting and im aching down below very sore when im sitting having to stand up or change position alot im feeling like i need the toilet alot but nothing happening maybe a little confused about my due date and worrying cos at our last scan they said we was measuring 4 weeks i dont know if these pains are a good thing or not..anyone else had the same problems
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