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Talkback: What's happening at 11 months?


  • Hi Bonny Gay, you are right that every child is different & will do things when they are ready.  My youngest was crawling & walking earlier than her elder sister but there wasn't too much difference between them (youngest started crawling at 5mths, cruising at 9-10mths & walking indepently at 11mths whilst eldest started crawling at 8-9mths, cruising at 9-10mths & walking indepently at 12mths).

    There are many reasons why children are the way they are but if it does cause you concern then talk to your HV/GP.  They can either reassure you everything is fine or refer you to specialists to determine any underlying causes.

  • my youngest daughter zara is 11 months. She was 35 weeks when she was born though so im guessing she will be slightly delayed in development. even though health visitor says she is completely normal. Shes not crawling yet even though i encourage as much as i can. I give her loads of tummy time because i know its important for her. She can also sit up unsupported for a little while but she can be lazy sometimes and fall backwards and lie back down lol. So i always have to make sure I give her support when shes sitting.

    Also shes babbling a lot and i heard her say 'da' and 'ma' too. when shes happy she screams with delight but its all just making noises with her. She can also wave bye bye to someone when leaving its really cute. Also we encourage her to walk to. i am always holding her hands when shes walking but only a few steps. Is this all ok? does it sound ok? She was slightly premature when she came out and shes growing fast which is great. But we always make sure shes stimulated everyday with loads of toys and everyone talks to her too.
  • my son has just turned 11 months and he seems to be quite slow in development.. hes only just learned to say dad and isn't standing on his own yet i know every child is different as my daughter was very forward you think this could be the fact that hes the second child ???
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