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Talkback: Fertility and ovulation Q&A


  • If im very fertile on day 19 and the 20 im ovulating should i take one ovulating test on the 19 and one on the 20 just to be sure cause i took one on the 11and it was a very light pink does that mean im not ovulating yet please someone help me i really want to be pregnant.
  • In vitro fertilization is not such a new concept in the medical world.
  • Hi I really want a baby I had the mirena coil for 5years which I had removed I should have had a period 2 days ago I've had loads of un-protected sex lol and my doc said once coil is removed I would be fertile. I have done 4 tests and they all show negative could I be pregnant or is it wishful thinking
  • Last month my period came on twice and I had sex on mother's day 1 week later started feeling nauseous tired breast tender some times I took a pregnancy test it was positive but my cycle has come on could you get a false positive
  • I have been trying to conceive since my m/c in 2011 and just started trying 12/2012 for another baby number three I am diabetic what are my odds?
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