Talkback: When to start weaning: the official guidelines


  • Annabel is 5 months next week and I think she is about ready to commence her weaning journey. She is so interested in food and watches intently when we eat. I sit her in her high chair at the table at our dinner times, so she is becoming aware that dinner time is also a social activity not just a necessity.

    As the guidelines are constantly changing with new research being published all the time, I am open to weaning when Annabel is ready as each baby is different. I would like to get as close to 6 months as possible, but to be honest I am too excited about introducing her to food and I think she is too. I have been 'cheating' and letting her lick piece of fruit such as cherries, apple and strawberries when I have been eating them. I thought I would tantalise her with the flavours, not sure this is recommended or approved by the DOH but she seemed to enjoy it.

    I look forward to starting her on baby porridge next week, to which I will slowly add pureed fruit for flavour and of course vitamin content.
  • I started weaning my baby at 21 weeks, because he moved so much. I needed a break from constant breast feeding and to keep him satisfied for longer. I found this worked for us as he was not as whiny between feeds. For the first 1st week I started him on one meal a day and slowly increased this to 3 meals a day with pudding in the evening when he was 26 weeks. I did what I felt was right for my baby and me and started weaning early. Each baby is different, one rule for all is not always appropriate.
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