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Talkback: New doll who 'plucks and shaves' her legs causes outrage


  • Actually slightly disappointed that the child doesn't get to shave and pluck for real,the thing just talks about it on her profile.At least there's be amusement value there.

    As the mother of four,soon to be five girls I have never and will never allow a Barbie,Bratz or anything similar in our house and we'll certainly not be getting one of these.

  • I don't mind Barbie....but Bratz and these NEVER. I know my partner certainly wouldn't want her to have one either xx
  • when I was a kid monster high didnt involve these sexy little things!!!

    Alice will NOT be having one of these or a bratz doll!

    im ok about barbie. she has ambtions and makes something of herself! so many jobs!!!

    and she is also loyal to ken...wait didnt she get a new guy?!? c'mon 2 guys in *how many years?* is ok!!! xxx
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