Talkback: Boy or girl – what are the signs during pregnancy?


  • terrible morning sickness for a girl is not true i didnt have one bit of sickness throughout my first pregnancy and had a girl.
  • today i complete 20 weeks and 149 hb doctor told me plz somebody tell me its a boy or face is getting slim day by day
  • I had no sickness with my son this time around I have felt sick and felt like I needed to gag I find out the gender next wed x
  • Im 18 weeks pregnant and carrying very different to how I did with my daughter. However, iv suffered with hyperemesis with both pregnancy's but this one has been worst and iv been admitted in hospital quite a few times :( my mum said im carrying a boy despite the hospital telling me its probably another girl as bad sickness is mpre common but my mum suffered with sickness in all her pregnancies 2 girls, 4 boys. Iv also got really itchy skin, my midwofe said its common when your carrying a boy? Anybody heard of this?
  • Honey what did u have after?
  • I remember my grandmother use to say if you like to eat fish during pregnancy then it’s a boy and if you develop certain kind of smell for fish then it’s a girl. Yes but one thing for sure it’s not a definite identification tool. when I was pregnant I had carving for sweet. But I had a baby boy.
    I have also heard if you have a girl you look beautiful.

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