Talkback: New free pregnancy app with 3D baby video


  • Having seen this it was done back in August however i have been bleeding for the last 5/6 days. I was told this was down to something called ECH (Extra Chronic Haemoridge). where there is small bleeds in the uterus and would either come away vaginally or disolve. I havent been in any pain and was told i had a good heart beat. Im now 8 weeks pregnant and just waiting for my 12 weeks scan:)
  • I am 12th week pregnant but from the last three days i have some spotting with some discharge which comes if i move but if i stayed at my bed then it becomes less and some times disappear.I have already lost my one baby in the last year in 6th month of my i am very afraid i dont want to loose my child.i checked with my doctor she did ultrasound and told me that baby is ok and suggested me to have a complete rest for one week yesterday night i was having pain in my lower back and next appointment is on Thursday still 2 days to wait.
    Can any one tell me what could be the possible cause of this spotting and pain.

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