cramping and pain at 20 weeks

20 weeks pregnant and having lower stomach and back pain sorta feels like cramping. Also having some discharge... Should I go in or be worried?


  • Might be worth calling your mw just to be sure. Are the pains strong and any rhythm to them? And what colour/consistency Is the discharge x

  • Yes almost in tears... And discharge is clear I don't even know its there until I use the RR.
  • I'd call ur mw about the pains definitely just to be sure. Discharge could be normal. Is it quite jelly like or more creamy/watery

  • Went to doc today and they did a ultrasound. Sending me to high risk specialist because they can't get clear pictures of the baby's heart and think there may be a problem. Had a abruption with my first one and worried they might be connected, would hate to go through all that again.
  • When do you see the specialist? Good luck x

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