Talkback: How to introduce new flavours and tastes


  • What a little star Flo! It sounds like you are doing very well and eating lots of lovely food :) such a good girl for your mummy x
  • How did Flo get on with the fish?
  • Dear Flo,

    So we are progressing well with the introduction of new flavours and textures. We visited Auntie B last week, and you were spoiled for choice with homemade food - creamy fish pie with mash, pasta & fresh tomato sauce, chicken curry and bolognaise.
    I think you're a bit like Grandma, and not convinced about the texture of mince, as it took a while for you to eat the bolognaise, but everything else you wolfed down!

    Yesterday I made some of Harjeet's lentil dahl, and it was pretty tasty even if I do say so myself! The added bonus was that you ate it all up! A couple of hesitations during the first few mouthfuls, but you soon took to it! I have have spied Jodie-Lou's recipe for veg chilli, so I think that will be next on the menu with some boiled rice.

    You are still really loving the garlic mushrooms on toast, and fresh fruit salad with greek yogurt. Breakfast usually consists of weetabix and banana, but you were happy with some shreddies for your supper last night!

    I really need to try you with some fish - Dad and I are having Basa fillets with tomato stew tomorrow, so guess what you are having on Thursday ;) I am sure you will get on fine with it - will let you know soon!

    Yummy eating my darling!

    Mum xxx
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