fell down stairs

I fell down stairs yesterday afternoon and went to get checked but they only listened to heart beat no ultrasound, and I still have not felt movement and its been over 24 hours...and a lot of coming and going sharp pain too, Is there a way to demand an ultrasound? Had an abruption with my first one that only was detectable by ultrasound fetal heart beat remained fine until the final abruption accured so worried this time around


  • I'm not sure you can demand but you can certainly keep hassling the GP / midwife until you get what you want.  I would suggest heading to the GP first thing tomorrow as an emergency appointment as they can refer you for an US, tell them what happened and your background and that you have felt no movement since then and they should refer you.  Good luck I hope you get checked out properly soon.  X

  • I see an Ob but shes never been very thorough and always does bare minimal I don't like her very much but only one insurance will let me go to
  • Are you based in America?  X

  • Started having really bad cramps in lower stomach I called and they said lay down and I should feel movement and I told her I've been doing that all day and she said that's all she can tell me to do if I go in there not gonna do much for me either...
  • I'm in the uk so things are quite different here. If you're having pain could you bypass her and go to the emergency room and ask them to check you out? Would your insurance cover that? If not how about a private scan somewhere? X

  • Every time I go in or call they wont do anything because heart beat reads normal, but my first one did that and endedup abrupting
  • Im so sorry im not sure what else to suggest especially not knowing how the system works in the US. Could you find a different dr to see? X

  • Doctor still.won't see me, but baby started to move today thank God! So that's good image
  • Good news there hun, sorry your drs are so rubbish image fingers crossed the rest of your pregnancy will run smoothly. X

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