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Talkback: Stay-at-home mums' work worth £30,000 a year


  • I'd say that amount is about right when you consider no start and finish time, no weekends off or holidays. It's all worth it but it canleave you feeling like your worth about 50p on the odd day though.
  • My wife decided to stay home and leave her job after our first daughter was born and as I work from home I see what she does in a day. £30k is not enough. She's up at the crack of dawn and in bed late. Don't tell her I said so though, I'm on a winner!
  • I'd have to say that anyone - regardless if you are a parent/carer who works or not and does most of the household chores - incl cleaning, cooking, 'taxi' service, gardening, sorting bills/insc deserves to appreciated and recognised for their 'worth' as well!!

    Anyway Im sure I read somewhere else it was nearer the £75k mark!
  • I would say Its defo Priceless!!!!!
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