Talkback: How do I make baby food?


  • I used to like making ice cube trays of different fruits veggies and meats and using them to make different combinations. Much much cheaper than store brought stuff that smells and tastes foul 

  • Weaning is a brilliant stage for mum and little one. I loved experimenting with ingredients and favours. I used to think about what foods would go well combined together- sweet potato, red lentils and carrots worked well.

    Also I found that some foods are better baked then steamed or boiled, especially root vegetables.

    I would try make food that contains protein ( for growth and fullness), carbohydrates (energy), fats (energy and building eg. dairy, red meats and fish), fibre and minerals ( from veg).

    Having the right equipment is important for making baby food easy and not a chore. I found a hand blender very useful. A sieve to purée or smooth stringy or berried foods (eg, berries and mangos) Ice cube trays, freezer bags, cool bag ( when feeding on the go).

    Also, freezing food is brilliant for when time is tight to cook from fresh. Freezing the food in ice cube trays worked a treat. I would freeze a batch of food, once frozen transfer them into a freezer bag and then the ice cube tray is free for the next batch of food.

    in the early days, when I first started weaning my little one would only eat a tiny amount from pouches. Hence, I froze pre-prepared meals that I brought from the shops. If there was some left in the pouch or jar, just pop it into the ice cube trays and freeze to use for next time. Best to freeze on the day of opening the meal.
  • I loved making baby foods for Annabel (who is now 10 months). I really enjoyed experimenting with flavours and new ideas. I enjoyed watching her taste them and play with them. We love food in my family and often have long leisurely meals around the table,

    It is also so easy to make baby food and it works out cheaper than buying pouches or jars, of course pouches and jars are great for transporting and for when you haven't had chance to cook/prepare your own.

    Happy cooking!

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