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Talkback: False positive or false negative pregnancy test?



  • Hey, I won't bore you with the whole story, but basically I tested today (2days before my period is due) with a clear blue test and it gave me a '+' meaning I was pregnant... As faint as it is, the test is positive and then I've taken several clear blue digital tests after about 45 minutes and then 3&half hours after the 1st and they came back 'NOT PREGNANT'! So how I'm thinking to go now is take another one 1st thing tomorrow morning and if that's negative do what the nurse told me and test on the day I'm due on! (Saturday) There could be several reasons I've got one positive and 2 negative... 1st... I've not progressed further then the early stages but the test has still picked up the hormone, 2nd... It's so early on and because fluids have been consumed today, the hormone hasn't picked up again on the tests.. Hence testing tomorrow morning and then Saturday! If those come back negative my last hope is waiting a week and if I come on I know I got a false positive (As rare as they are) or the test will come out positive and it would of been worth the wait! So fingers crossed and I hope this has helped anyone else in my position!!x
  • if u take a pregnant tests and it comes out positive but now says negative are u still pregnant 

  • If u take a tests and it says positive but now says negative are u still pregnant 

  • I have taken 7 test since thursday all together the first one I took was a dollar test came back positive clear as day so I bought 2 clear blue and took acouple hours later both negative and I was having pain in my stomach so took two more the next day(first response) ones negative but still if I get stressed or worked up sharp pain in my lower stomach no other test came back positive its been 4 days since my positive one ! help! What does this mean should I go get blood work
  • I have done 3 tests that all came up positive, just took the clear blue digital test and it came back negative... I'm so confused?!
  • I can never take home pregnancy tests they ALWAYS show up positive for me. When I was 18 I took one and it showed positive, but then later took a blood test and it was negative. I feel like I may have had a miscarriage then because I started to lactate a week or so after.... now at 23 years old (and with an IUD) I have taken multiple home tests, verying from the cheap kind to the expensive digital kind, yet each will always be positive, and then when going to the doctor's it's negative. During menstration my body kind of gives off pregnancy symptoms, which then leads me to take a test. I have given up on even attemting to use an at home test because it messes with my head so much.... very frustrating.
  • One the day of my missed period I took two strip pregnancy tests and they showed up negative, and for the heck of it I took two ovulation tests for the heck of it. and those came up positive. I thought that was weird- so I took a first response pregnancy test and it came up as Pregnant. So I am hoping it's true!
  • I haven't had a period since just before Christmas and I have been having some of the early symptoms I took a test today and it came back positive but I'm on antibiotics at the moment is there a chance it could be wrong?? Should I re test
  • So I was late on my period in May. I took 4 perganch tests (3 where the lines, 1 was a digital test. I had spotting only when I peed during this time and it was very light. Then 5 days later I had heavy bleeding for about an hour. The next day I got a blood test done and it came back negative. Then we did 2 more the following consecutive days, all negative. Now it's mid June and still no period. I'm waiting for a more detailed blood test on other things because 2 doctors said "it's weird" (their words). I then took another HPT and it came back negative. So, I don't know what's happening :( I should find out my test results on Monday.
  • So last week on the 28th of June out of no where I started to get cramps on my lower right abdomen. That last for like 20-30 minutes. Went away & didn't have any cramps for the rest of the day . The next day I woke up to having cramps again , with alittle spotting . I started to get worried . I told my husband to buy me a pregnancy test because it was so out of the blue that this was happening . I just had my period on June 16 . So I didn't think anything . So I took the pregnancy test & right away I got a + . I later went to the doctors & they told me that I was pregnant but I was still too early to see anything . After the that the next several days I kept taking test just to be sure . & all of them came out + ! I also took a total of three digital test . Two of the ditital test came out pregnant & the very last one was a first response & said no . Then I took a total of three test & are now negative. What can this mean ? My aunt flow doesn't come for another 6 days . Help anyone . (Sorry for the long post)
  • I took 5 pregancy tests at the doctors and 3 came out positive and 2 came out negative. My doctor said i probably was pregant and had a miscarriage with oit me knkwing which caused the two tests to come out negative and my doctor told me to try again in a weeks timd
  • I've actually had multiple positives but I'm not pregnant had my first positive with a digital test but when I went to the doctors she told me I wasn't pregnant when she tested then a week later I had my period so forgot about it then I was a few weeks late again so tested again but was negative so I waited and tests a second time and got a positive on a red line test but when I tested the next morning it was negative I was so disappointed but had to move on so a month past and again I was late by two weeks so I tested again this time was negative I had had enough so went back to my doctor and she said because I had come off the depo 8 months ago it would take at least another 6-12 months for my body to go back to normal so the chances of getting pregnant was very low I started to go into a depression as I had got to the point of giving up I couldn't wait that long so this month December 2017 10 months after stopping depo I thought I'm not gonna listen to my doctor and I'm going to carry on testing so I did and I got my third false positive on a blue line test but when I tested again an hour later it was negative and every test since which I've done 6 now all times of the day they have all been negative and just to say they are all high sensitivity tests so it's not to do with that and I've now tried 5 different types of tests so it's not like I tried the same ones either so one positive on digital one on red lines and one on blue and the hole 30 other tests among them were negative I can't keep control of my periods as they are all over the place the last one I had lasted 15 days so I am unaware also of when I ovulate and opk don't work for me as for a hole month I told me I hadn't ovulated I know I can have children as I've had ultrasounds and tests saying I am fit and healthy plus my son is proof of that but trying to get pregnant again is pretty impossible
  • I’m 6 days late 7 tomorrow I’ve been having abdominal pains and side shooting pains my boobs aren’t sore not spotting never did with my other two how long should I wait till I take a test I have done and negatives so far 😔
  • Im having a weird thing happening i had a period normal on 26th dec after that a few weeks later i felt pregnant i then did cheap test they were breaming this was 9 days before next period but i then got my period on the 25th of jan look all normal straight after i felt pregnant still so i did more tests beaming cheap positives i then did more expensive tests again positive ☺ then i did more tests cheap neg then beaming positive then neg tests then positive my result keeps changing every time i wee ???? am i pregnant one last thing my husband had a vasectomy 1 year 3 months ago we got our after check up got a letter all clear we both went doctors together turns out the doctors have completely different results say husband had 200 live sperm in his sample back then when he got checked so doctors said his vasctomoy failed basically
  • Hello all!

    Took a few tests, 2 came back positive and then the last 4 are all negative. I’m 7 days late with no sign of period coming. I have cramping and I’m exhausted. Appointment booked for a blood test on Tuesday but I’m nervous.
  • I haven taken 7 pregnancy tests due to symptoms of being pregnant a few days before my period was due which all came positive, I then came on my period the tests were very faint yet detectable but I am on my period could I be pregnant?
  • Hi all, I took 3 tests all positive but very faint line but since then I’ve had 5 negative tests, I’m a month late on my period. Could I be pregnant?
  • I’ve had the signs of pregnancy for the last week so after realising I was a week late for my period I took a Tesco test, first wee of the morning and it was positive! So I took another an hour later and still positive! Sent my bf out to buy another test to make sure it wasn’t just the cheap tests so when going to take the clear blue I noticed a bit of blood in my wee but still tested positive, then took another an hour later and positive again. Being worried about the bleed about 6.30pm I went to the out of hours dr who then took a negative test! So after leaving there I went and bought a digital clear blue test which at 8pm was negative! Don’t know what to think now ☹️
  • Hi everyone, please do come and post your question on our Chat Forum here, where many more people will see your post and hopefully be able to offer you words of advice. 
  • Hello everyone, My last period was October 22 and I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all of them were very clear positives. I’m just nervous about going to the doctor and for some reason it being negative. Has that happened to anyone? I’ve been having tender breasts and food and smell aversions.
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