Talkback: Starting weaning at 5 months - one mum's story


  • Hi Nicola, my breastfeeding didn't go too well, and we combination fed my twins until 8 weeks, when I had to move to 100% formula. I was also a little sceptical of baby led weaning, but the way we have done it since 6 months (girls are now 14months) has worked pretty well. Following a session with the hvs and some other mums we kitted out the kitchen with strap-on booster seats/trays, wipeable PVC table cloths, 10 sleeved bibs from asda so time to wash them, stick down bowls, baby cutlery (not weaning spoons, not easy for baby to get food off with their tongue) and a cheap steam mop. Porridge has been breakfast from day one, made with their formula from about 10 months. Lunch is usually picnic type finger foods and dinner will be a low salt version of our diner where at all possible - the girls took straight to Thai curry, risotto, lasagna etc. It was all fingers at first, mostly just playing with it and formula as main nutrition, but gradually they swallowed more, started practising with spoons then forks. I'm not a baby-led purist - if the girls ask me to load as spoon or fork for the and occasionally put it in their mouth I will, but mostly it's them. I sit with them at mealtimes as much as possible, eat what they eat with the same cutlery items / fingers , generally keep things relaxed and fun, but not 'playing'. They learn so quickly, and the 'gagging' as they learn not to pack too much in their mouths stops being scary once you can see them deal with it, I.e. cough out whatever is the problem and then probably have another go at it. With twins it's a lifesaver.
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