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  • Hi

    Well you have the symptoms you would get when find out your pregnant. Especially what sounds like implantation bleeding.

    Was the test you took a digital or the old fashioned shows 1 or 2 lines test? As if digital like clear blue they can sometimes take a while to pick up pregnancy hormone IF you was to be pregnant. I would buy a couple of the cheap tests and take anther one tomorrow if you havent came on

    Good luck x
  • Thankyou for your reply. I've been using the cheap internet tests that pick up from 10 miu but they only come up with barely visable positive lines I have to tilt it and be in the right lighting to see it and nobody else can see it but me. I'm still having symptoms and still no period I'm 4 days late and 16 dpo and the lines aren't getting any darker
  • Have you gone to the Doctors?

    They will give you a blood test that gives you a more accurate result if the wee tests arent changing.

    Good luck xx
  • hiya i need some help, i came off my pill cerelle so me and my partner could try for a baby after 9 months nothing worked so i decided to go back on it for 6 weeks i bleed every other day it was doing my head in so i came off it me and my partner had sex that weekend which was the 5th of april 2014 i was still bleeding lightly then the week after the 12th i had a massive bleed for half the day then stopped and had nothing since on the 17th april my boobs were killing i couldnt touch them and still cant today, during this ive had some pregnancy symptoms like tired, back ache, headache, sense of smell but because im not sure when my first day of last period is i dont know when to test.. do any of you ladies know when or what to do thanks xx
  • I ovulated around July 22nd . Had some spotting the 29-31- not a lot just enough to barely reach a pad.... Period is officially late as of yesterday..... took a test it was negative should i test again? If so when?
  • I am on birth control. I have had unprotected sex multiple times with my boyfriend. I have had a number of pregnancy symptoms. I took a test two weeks after unprotected sex and another one two days later. These tests were taken maybe a week or so before my period.. I didn't miss my period, but with my birth control my periods are very irregular. I do not always have one. I know it's possible to be pregnant and still have your period. Is it possible that I could still be pregnant? Even though the tests came out negative? I used the clearblue that tells you how many weeks you are

  • Hi I have some questions. most high fertility days were 19-24 my ovulation day was on the 24 I had unprocessed sexton on the 20,23,and,25.... since the 26 I've been feeling tingling breast it's been a week an half with tingling breast my period don't come till Sunday on the 10th can u please help.....?????image thnx

  • I didn't have a cycle in July then I had a three day cycle starting August 8th my cycles are usually 6 days I pass blood clots on my cycles I didn't with the cycle in August could I be pregnant I took a test you can see the lines without struggling
  • I took a test a week ago it was negative but now I'm 4days late
  • So i had sex on Aug 25 i been cramping sensitive nipples lower back pain spotting. I took a test today on September 4 2014 and it was negative. So did i test to soon? Could i still be pregnant? Anyone plz helpp!!!
  • Hi all, so we have been ttc for a while. I have been getting period type cramp for 3 days now the first day the cramps started I had a peachy discharge when I wiped, 2nd day just cramps and today cramps and cokey colour discharge. It's 8 days till my next menstrual cycle and my cervix is still high sort and a bit open it has been like that since 1st September don't no what's going. Anyone have any suggestions of what maybe going on ? Much appreciated advice needed <3
  • Soft not sort image
  • I took a pregnancy test when I was 2 weeks pregnant, and it showed positive. So I guess it can be picked up pretty early.
  • i had sex with my husband on the 8th of september had my period on the 19th i been throwing up every day i went to the doctor  test came back negative with one line so tired of throwing up please somebody what can i do 

  • Hi all this is my first time and just would like some opinions or facts please.

    My first day of my last period was 5/08/14, Im normally average 33-37 days.

    I took a test on the 15/09/14 as I believed I was a week late, but it was negitive (was a cheap 99p one). I then took another test on the 22/09/14 as I believed to be 2 weeks late, but that was still negitive.
    My partner works away so not often we get to have intercourse. However we had it on the 23/09/14, and on the 18/09/14.

    I then took a test on the 07/09/14 as I veleive to be 4 weeks last and whey it came back positive.

    Here's the bit I am confused about. When did I concive the 23/08/14 or the 18/09/14.

    If anyone could give advice that would be great, I know that's alot of dates but would really appreciate it.

    Thank you
  • Hello,

    Ive been on BC for many years and went off a few months ago because my husband and I are TTC. My period has not been regular since going off pill but I started using Ovulation strips and after a month of missing ovulation (I am ovulating later than Ovulation App suggests) I started testing twice a day for a longer period of time. I tested positive for LH surge 9 days ago, assume I ovulated the next day 8 days ago, and we BD a few times during this time frame. 

    At 5-6DPO (the last few days) on and off I have seen spotting on tissue, very light and watery and at first pink, now brownish. I thought my AF was starting because my Breasts and nipples have been extremely sore and tingly, my lower back hurts, and I have had mild cramps, but it has not started. Yesterday and today I have felt nauseous on and off throughout the day. I usually have severe cramping with AF, along with heavy flow. I was curious so used an HCG pregnancy test strip this morning and it came back negative. Not sure when AF is due because it hasn't been following what App says, should have come by now according to it, but it's been late every month.

    Think I could be pregnant and just too soon to test positive? I think I'm about 8-9 DPO. 

    Thank You!

  • good day all

    It is the 18 Oct, my period was due on the 15 Oct. I haven't gotten my period but i do have light yellow discharge. I hope that i am pregnant but do not wana take a test to early as im afraid of unnecessary disappointment. Please help!!

  • Hi! I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 20th and 24th and my period was due on the 25th and it still hasn't come yet! I have been feeling tired, back aching and my boobs slightly sore. Is it too early to take a pregnancy test since we didn't have sex that long ago? Or can I take it since I already missed my period? Thank you!!!

  • I'm four days late no sign of period panties have been wet like I came on but when I check it clear liquid I'm normal and on time every month
  • I'm a person at a young age, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last night when is it best me taking a pregnancy test? I'm too young to have a child what's the best thing I could do? I need advice asap x

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