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Talkback: False negative pregnancy test - how common is it?



  • Also I spotted very lightly but when I went to the bathroom again nothing... I haven't had any spotting since yesterday that one time..
  • Faint line pregnancy test one week after missed period is an early indication of ectopic pregnancy if spoting persists . So, immediately get ruled out the chances of this life threatening disorder.
  • Hi I need help I done 4 clear blues last week and it come up 1-2 weeks then I did a pound test. And the line was hard to see. The doctor done one and it was hard to see. Now today I done one the line took some time to come up but it's there just not 100% so what does this mean?
  • I am 20 days late and still no big fat positive I've noticed little pink dots that's when I wipe myself that lasted for only a day then StoppedI had to light spotting a few days after my period was due but only lasted a day or two I am currently 20 days late still no positive my last period was April 30th 2014 could I be pregnant please help
  • I'm currently 2 weeks late, i'm never this late, maybe only by a few days. I usually get my period every 5 weeks or just under and i'm not at 7 weeks! Got an appointment at doctor tomorrow but i'm so nervous.
  • I had my periods on 16th jun since thn i have been doing my pregnancy test almost every 2weeks but still shows nagative result what could be the reason ?pls help am worried thanks.
  • TTC is so tuff emotionally Draining I had a Miscarriage at 11 weeks in May of 2014 and it was heart breaking Destroyed me in side I wanted are little baby more then anything in the world. We are TTC again and we have been trying since June so for the last 3 months and NO luck I have done the Ovulation test Had SEX every other day leading up to Ovulation and Nothing I am 5 days from  my Period being due and I took a test well 5 and they are all negative I am starting to get discourage but I think I am also possibly testing to early what do you guys think? Its so hard not to keep testing all I want to see is a Positive !

  • I know this is a old post but I just wanted to say that I know the poster above me is right because I have a 5 year old. (2nd pregnancy) My first was a miscarriage. Ok anyways I got pregnant with him a month after the miscarriage. Ok well he is 5 now as of May of this year. Well I had a mirena iud in for 2 1/2 years after having him I got it taken out and 2 more years I still hadn't started my periods back so I went to the doc he gave my provera to start my periods which worked and metformin 500 mg 2x daily to regulate me since I was trying to get pregnant. I don't have pcos or diabetes. Anyways I did 3 rounds of clomid. 2 50 cds 3-7 and one 100 mg cds 3-7. I have gotten down to 35 day cycles. It was confirmed I ovulated all three cycles. Since I didn't get pregnant I quit taken the clomid and metformin in arch after the last failed cycle. I had my next cycle march 29th and my next period never  came. I thought it was where I went off the metformin and the doc said it could be either that or pregnant and so i tested. negative. tested again a couple days later. negative. then a week late negative. at this point I had started the metformin back and been back on it for 6 days and knew i should;ve started by now so I called my doc and got an appt. 2 days before the appt I decided to test again cause I knew they would. this is my ob doc. well I tested and it was blaring positive. at this point I was 2 weeks and 3 days late on my period so i know for a fact now it can take up to 2 weeks late to show. Here I am again I miscarried a week after finding out and had my cycle 6 weeks later. I went off the metformin again cause I knew if i were to get pregnant on it I would have to stay on it cause it can cause risk of miscarriage to increase so I quit taking it a week before my next period was due. well it didn't come. I tested when it was due negative and a week late with FR early result and 88 cent first signal both negative. Im waiting to hit 2 week late mark this weekend to re test cause I am having symptoms....

  • So here's my story. Husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 2 months only. I'd been on the pill for the last 10 years and thought for sure we wouldn't conceive for awhile still. I was due on sunday to begin my period and nothing came. I didn't think too much of it but bought a couple First Response Digital pregnancy tests anyways with the intent of taking it in a week if I still hadn't started. Well on a whim, the Monday morning, I decided what the hell, might as well take one. A few minutes later, my result said positive. At this point I was shocked it happened so fast. So I told my husband and went to the clinic. The clinic took.a test and first told me it was negative and asked why I thought I was pregnant. After explaining to him my situation and showing the results of my test, a very definite yes +, he said he trusted my test more and went to recheck his test, which he said oh there's a faint line. He schedule me for blood work and told me to go see my doctor. That night I went to bed, still hardly believing the situation. I woke up at 2 and needed to pee again, so to see if it was real or not, I took the second first response test. Again it came back positive. I went about my day, got my blood work done. I had always been miticulous about charting my periods, ovulating amd intercourse so I figured i was only about a month along according to my last period. Got a little more excited and even built up the nerves to tell my family we were expecting. Now, I had bought the clear blue weeks indicator test just to confirm my suspicions as to how far along I am. Although it said first morning pee, I took it at 2 am again when my body woke up. But this time, it said not pregnant. I'm trying to stay calm but now I'm starting to doubt this pregnancy. 1 positive, 1 false negative, 1 positive, 1 negative. What do I do?
  • so i have PCOS and the doctor said that its very mild and my chances are good at getting pregnant. i have been off my pill and trying for almost 2 years. my periods are very irregular and i cant track them. i have thought several times that i was pregnant and always came out disappointed :/. im not to sure what to do anymore and im about to just give up...please help me i want a baby so bad but it seems impossible 

  • with my last pregnancy, I didn't get a positive on a pee stick till I was 14 weeks. I had a feeling I was because I am never late and my breasts and lower abdomen are never that extra sore. I took so many testes and they all turned negative so I finally gave up. so when my period was never coming I tested and it was negative. and then the day I had the drs apt the pee stick at the drs was negative also so she just said lets skip the blood an go straight to ultrasound and I was 14 weeks:)
  • OMG I'm terrified right now image I took a blood test Thursday came back negative but all my home pregnancy test come back positive I've tried clear blue digital and First response ive taken 11 and all positive I don't understand
  • Hi I'm 3 days late and took a test drive this afternoon to get a negative. Could someone help me as I'm confused as to if im not pregnant then why haven't I got my period yet and if I am pregnant why it says negative?

    Thank you x
  • This is my first post. I had a late fetal miscarriage in Jan 14, had my period every 28days exactly since Feb I had a late period 2 months ago I did 2 tests both negative then my period are now back to normal but I keep feeling nauseous and extremely emotional since then but no other symptoms,

    I have no idea what to do now do another test or just go to the doctor?

    Would love feedback

  • I had a period on the 26th august finished on the 29th, had some light bleeding when i wiped on the 30th, then was due on again on the 19th september but came actually came on early on the 15th september, but was more pinky in colour and wasn't that much there to wear protection, as i normally bleed very heavy. Been feeling sick nearly everyday since then, cramping, going the loo a lot sore nipples could i be pregnant if so how far am i gone, i have done 4 home pregnancy tests and they have all come back negative thank you

  • I tested 4 days prior to when my period was due with a sample of urine taken at lunch time and got a negative. However tested 2 days after missed period and got a positive !
  • So has anyone found out if they were in fact pregnant? I'm now 13 days late and still getting negative results. However, I'm def. feeling symptoms. I'm going crazy!

  • Hi all this is my first time writing on here. I'm really late for my period about 16days late. I have always had really regular periods and have never missed one. My partner and I have had unprotected sex so there is a chance I could be pregnant. I have done 4 test now, and they have all came back negative. I noticed a small amount of dark discharge yesterday but that's it. I would be so chuffed if I was pregnant but I'm just so confused as the tests are negative. But then I just think it's really strange when I have always had a period and never have missed one. Any advice would be great thank you. 

  • I am now 10 days late. I tested negative 4 days late and 6 days late. I am trying to wait to test again but the waiting is killing us!

    Hoping to get some insight here from women who have experienced this.
    My husband and I always use a condom but we went bare 3 days before my planned period (oct 25). Most articles say you cant conceive but the suspense is killing us! We are at a point where we want a baby but are also ok with waiting.

    Any tips on when I should test again or call my doc?
  • My post doesn't seem to show on my last one ??

    I am 15 days late of my period and last night I had been woken up with soreness/cramps to my stomach. I have done 2 clear blue tests both come back negative but a few fiends have told me you have to have high hormone level to pick it up? has anyone else found clear blues not accurate ? Is it worth doing a cheap test or going straight to doctors ??? Thankyou x
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