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Talkback: Gallery of Gigglers


  • (Assuming the picture was received by e-mail... It wasn't confirmed either way!)
  • Hi Slinks. 

    No, the gallery is just a little (random) collection of some of the entries we received for the Gorgeous Little Gigglers competition.

    So, if your baby's not in the gallery, it doesn't mean he or she has not been shortlisted.

    The shortlist will be announced at the end of July/beginning of August. We'll make sure we keep everyone posted!

    And good point re confirmation mails: I'm sure we did receive your entry but we'll try to make sure that, if we do another comp like this, we always confirm receipt, rather than leave people wondering… Thanks for alerting us to this!

  • Aw, that's fab on both accounts... Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! :)
  • Hi,

    Just wondering if you have made any announcements regarding the above competition? Couldn't find anything on line so just double checking :)

    Many thanks
  • Yes, the 10 finalists have all been announced in the new issue of Prima Baby, which is on sale now. Good luck!

  • Hi,

     Thanks for getting back.

    I have not received any emails from you regarding the results. From earlier posts I assumed that you will email everyone informing if their kid either got into the further stage of the competition or not. But nothing like that happen in my case. So Im guessing my boy didn't make it. Not a problem. But I think it would be nice to receive an email with that info too. What's even more confusing is that in the posts above you say that the finalists will be announced end of July/beginning of August.

    Today on -  as I understand, your Facebook page I saw this post:


      Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine 1 July ·

    We're so excited to shoot all the finalists in our Gorgeous Little Gigglers 2014 modelling competition tomorrow!

    The winning baby will be featured on the cover of Prima Baby that goes on sale 4th September AND star on the Dentinox website.

    We had so many amazing entrants this year, and although these smiling babies didn't make it into our final 10, we'd still like to celebrate their cuteness! Enjoy!


    And from what I can see, the post was dated 1 July so the ten finalists had their photos taken on 2nd July. Correct me please if I'm wrong, but have not we been informed on this very website that the shortlisted 10 babies will be announced end July/beginning August? How then could you  shoot finalist on 2nd July????

    It is a lovely magazine you are doing but I'm not impressed with how you dealt with this competition. Firstly I have never received confirmation that you have received my entry, secondly it was very difficult to get any follow ups on it, thirdly - it may only be me, but there were confusing statements released by your social media pages, and finally I have not received any info that my baby didn't get into the final 10 kids, which as I said would be just a polite way to inform all the 'less fortunate';) parents.  


  • Hi MayaTheBee. Thanks for your comments.

    We're really sorry you're not impressed with how the comp has been handled - that's obviously not what we like to hear.

    We'll have a quick chat with the folks at Prima Baby magazine - we don't handle their social media stuff - and find out what's been going on. And then we'll come back to you.

    We do appreciate you taking the time to tell us all this. All feedback - good and bad - is really useful, and helps us do better next time round!

  • Right, MayaTheBee, we've now had a chance to catch up with the Prima Baby magazine folk, and I'm back, as promised!

    I'll take your points, one by one. So please excuse the numbered list - but hopefully it's easier to read that way!

    1. Confirmation emails. We think our posts about confirmation emails might have confused you a bit - our fault, no doubt.
    We were replying to Slinks, who posted earlier in this thread, saying she wasn't sure the picture she was sending through by email to enter the competition had actually got through to us. And we were saying we'd look into making it so that, next time we run a comp like this, anyone who sends in a pic by email would get a little automatic confirmation message to say their pic had been received.
    So, we weren't saying we'd email everyone who entered this comp to let them know if they'd been shortlisted or not - which is, I think, what you understood.
    We're sorry if that's what we led you to believe but we hope you'll understand that we couldn't possibly email everyone who enters to tell them the results - we've had hundreds and hundreds of entries. 
    We'll have a look at our Ts&Cs for next time, and make sure it's really clear that winners/shortlisted folks will be notified by a certain date, so if you haven't been notified by then, you'll at least know you weren't a winner this time round.

    2. We totally get why you were perplexed at the posts by us here that seemed to contradict the Facebook messages posted by the folks at Prima Baby magazine - and we are sorry about that.
    The truth is, we weren't being very joined up.
    The Prima Baby magazine folks work in the same company as us but the Babyexpert website team (including me) are a completely different set of people - and we clearly don't talk to each other enough!
    We (at Babyexpert) had no idea the Prima Baby team were doing their photoshoot and posting about it on Facebook (yes, we know we should have known - our bad, completely).
    If we had known, we would - obviously - have responded very differently to anyone posting here asking for an update on the finalists announcement.
    We're not in the business of pulling the wool over anyone's eyes. We were just being a bit useless really - for which we do apologise.

    We hope that answers your main points, MayaTheBee.

    We're sorry your baby wasn't shortlisted. I know from talking to the Prima Baby team that they had SUCH a tough time choosing the finalists: sounds like there were so many brilliant entries, they could have chosen a shortlist at dozen times over!

    Thanks for the kind words about the magazine, by the way. We've passed them on to the Prima Baby team and they really appreciated it.

  • Hi! If my baby isn't in this collection, does that mean she wasn't short listed?
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