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Talkback: Natalie Portman giving up Vegan beliefs for pregnancy


  • There are a lot of things humans do not "need" however they still indulge. A growing baby needs calcium etc, they say sometimes woman crave a certain substance when pregnant becuase its something they need, obvioulsy not unhealthy.....

    Most websites tell you to eat these things in moderation, we are not born to be vegetarian or vegan.... I however did opt to be a vegetarian for many many years. ONce pregnant and after taking five years to become pregnant I did eat limited amounts of meat to ensure I didnt miss out nutritionally, I didnt want to risk anything. Most health professionals tell you to eat limited amounts of protein, carbs and then five a day, if she feels she needs this then why not.

    I fully appreciate if people want to be pregnant or bfeeding and be vean or vegetarian, thats their choice as it her choice not to continue with her vegan ways whilst pregnant.
  • That's confused! She should be maintaining her vegan diet "for the baby!" Adding toxic meat and dairy to one's diet is not good for mother or baby. Obviously Natalie is just giving in to her taste cravings, which isn't wise. Meat and dairy are unhealthy any way you cut it.

    Delicious cookies and cakes can be made without dairy. Yes, it's difficult to find them in "regular bakeries" but sweet desserts aren't that healthy when you're pregnant anyway.

    Dr. Frank Oski, former director of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University said, "There is no reason to drink cow's milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves, it was not designed for humans, and we should all stop drinking it today, this afternoon."

    Dr. Spock agreed, saying, "[T]here was a time when cow's milk was considered very desirable. But research, along with clinical experience, has forced doctors and nutritionists to rethink this recommendation."

    The fact that there are entire cultures representing millions of people who have lived and thrived for centuries without meat and dairy is enough evidence that even pregnant humans do not "need" it to survive and thrive. In fact, the evidence weighs heavily in the other direction, i.e., the hazards of a meat and dairy diet and the benefits of a vegan diet are well known even for pregnant women and babies.

    Natalie should control her cravings and make the effort to be healthy for her baby and that means continuing to omit meat and dairy.
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