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Talkback: Couple forced to pay maintenance after surrogate keeps their baby


  • Talk about add "insult to injury" must be so had for the biological parents not to have their baby, but to have to pay someone else to look after it!
  • I think thats awful. After trusting someone to give up their baby as agreed then suddenly to have that taken away but still made to pay I think thats so cruel! Fair enough the mum changed her mind but she went through an agreement. She should have just kept the baby and asked no more from the two parents to be! She should be grateful she has a wonderful baby!
  • That is absolutly disgraceful! How can the CSA force them to pay for a baby they have no custody of? Do parents who have their children taken into care have to pay for their upkeep? With all the fathers in the country getting away with paying very little or nothing for their children how can this be right or even legal? No doubt this surrogate is still claiming all sorts of benefits on top of the £500 a month off the baby's biological parents.
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