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Talkback: Is bleeding normal in early pregnancy?


  • Okay so I had a D and C November 5th took birth control until Demeber 2nd to try to keep my pcos in check. Well four days ago I had one medium size blood spot on a piece of toilet paper, then the last three days I've had white snot like strings ? No Odor or nothing like that but I've never had that before ? I had mild cramping the day I had that blood and the next day but no period ? I googled of course and found out about implantation bleeding. Could it be ? I also had a fluttery heart the day and day after bleeding don't know if that is relevant. I have no other "symptoms" besides headaches. I took a test two days ago but it was negative:/ too early ? What do you ladies think? My doctor told me to wait five to seven days to test again and that I can come in if I still feel the need to after if the test say negative again and they will give me a blood test! Advice ?? Stories ??
  • I am pregnant i had some spotting last month and today again with abit of some cramp can i get worried or this is just the normal spotting?
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