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Talkback: Children swapped at birth: should they be swapped back 4 years on?


  • Hi Amanda B. Thanks so much for your comment.

    We've had a good look at the various reports of this case from news agencies and from the press in both Britain and South Africa - and they're all a bit confusing and contradictory, to be honest!

    Some reports (like the one you must have seen) say the babies were both girls; others say they were a boy and a girl - which, we do agree, is a harder scenario to understand.

    When writing our story, we followed the news agency Reuters (and the Telegraph and Sowetanlive), who each had the children as a boy and a girl.

    We'll keep an eye out for further updates on this story - and, obviously, amend our article if it becomes absolutely clear that both babies were indeed girls.

    We're really grateful for your post - we always welcome feedback, good or bad!

  • I cannot imagin having any other baby than my little girl. Luckily enough in England I was never separated from her. But if I found out I had a biological child out there I would want my child to be with me. Very selfishly I would want both children & that is what makes cases like this difficult.

    Nurture over nuture
  • My little boy is 3 now and there's no way I could hand him back to a stranger!!! I'm nearly in tears just thinking about it. And I'm sure the other parent would feel the same!

    I've not read the story, I just know that after 3 years of bringing my little boy up there's no way I could swop him back, biological or not!

  • It's heartbreaking isn't it, sunny5?


    Here's the link to our news story, if anyone else would like to read it.

  • You need to check your facts- they were both girls !
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