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Talkback: Why would parents want to call their child Nutella?


  • our last name is "Stone" and despite my brother calling his first daughter Jade I am the only one to get flack from the family for naming my kids after gems stones. I have my daughters Opal, Sapphire and my deceased miscarried daughter Sandy. I also have my sons Flint who I miscarried and Jet. I also miscarried another child before gender was determined which we named Pebbles. I am currently carrying another little boy due in April which we are thinking of naming Jasper. All my children are my little gems and their names reflect this as well their uniqueness. Only reason Flint got his name after he died was so that he would not be teased at school etc. I would never give my kids a name that would haunt them. At least with Flint and his last name being Stone he has been spared that embarrassment
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