Talkback: What does the size of your baby bump mean?


  • Third baby, I had undiagnosed polyhydramnios - 3 litres of fluid instead of the average 600mls... and a 9lb 9oz baby. Four stone gained, then all lost again three months after the c section. Biggest baby I've had and healthy as they come, I'm average weight for my height (5ft 5in). I honestly don't think you can predict anything that isn't immediately obvious, having had three very different birth experiences in five years.
  • I have 3 daughters, my first 2 weighed around 7lb my 3rd weighed 10lb.... I grew that much that my maternity clothes didn't fit anymore so I stayed in pj's.... I did nothing different, ythe 3rd was also back to back and I still managed to have a natural birth with no stitches although it was a lot more traumatic for me....
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