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Talkback: Potty training boys is harder than girls - revealed!


  • I wasn't too pleased to see this article's claim that potty training takes place between ages 2 and 3. Yes, that is when it starts for most children, but many need to continue the process a long time, unfortunately. For example, some are afraid to do #2 in the potty, and you cannot force it, and it may happen when they much older than 3. It's not the parent's "fault." There may be a medical reason, so check with a Pediatrician, or it may be anxiety the child needs time and patience to overcome. If you are a parent of a child who is older than 3 and still potty training, don't feel alone. My son took until 3-yrs-and-8 months old, and knowing him, I wonder if a regression will happen. I wish so many Internet articles wouldn't say children will train by age 3 or 4. That's just not true for all children.

  • hi! My son was born in 1985. I remember learning back then that little boys will often potty train much later than girls do because a boy's anal sphincter will often not fully developed until they are approximately 3 years old.

    I had an experience with my son that illustrated this fact for me. He and I were on a river bank in the wilderness when he was 2 and a half years old. He was next to me, without a diaper, looking at me and talking. All of a sudden, he pooped, and I could tell that he was just as surprised as I was to realize that he had just pooped. It just happened, he didn't try to do this, or 'push', ... it just happened.

    Can you imagine all those moms out there, who have a daughter (or know of a friend's daughter) who learns to potty train at one year and then they expect their boy to also potty train at one year. And then to have two more years of expecting their young son to be potty trained (with perhaps disappointment, scolding, words, shame, etc) when the young boy is physically unable to hold his poop in because of the undeveloped anal sphincter! All the scolding and 'training' in the world will not potty train a young boy before his sphincter is developed enough!

    I wish all mothers knew this and I'm happy to post this info for you!
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