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Talkback: Cher’s transgender son offers Shiloh Jolie-Pitt gender identity advice


  • I agree. My husband is transgender (this means he was born female) and it is quite offensive to say that his offer is "bizarre". Saying it is bizarre is like making fun of gender dysphoria. It's also frowned upon to unnecessarily promote Chaz' birth name. Transgender people are not an oddity, they are suffering. It's not pleasant to feel as if you're in the wrong body you know. People should have a little empathy and imagine how they would feel in that situation. My husband describes it as torturous. Imagine feeling exactly as you do now, but waking up every day in the body of the opposite sex. 100 years from now, articles like this will be seen as ridiculous. We'll look back on it and say "I can't believe this is the way we talked about transgender people" in the same way that we look back on 50 years ago and comment on the horrible treatment of black people, gay people, Jewish people etc. Just be a bit forward thinking, would you?
  • Hello. Thank you SO much for bringing this article to our attention. It's a very old article and, although we do our best to review and update articles on a regular basis, there are so many in our archive, it's a bit of a mammoth task.

    We couldn't agree more with the points both of you have made. 

    We have now edited the article to remove the word 'bizarre' (and apologies that that word made it through the original editing process - it definitely never should have).

    We have also removed the mention of Chaz's birth name.

    Thanks again for raising this. It's appreciated. 

  • Why is Chaz' offer bizarre? He has extensive experience in a specialty field, applicable to Shiloh, that Pitt and Jolie don't have. What's so bizarre about that?
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