Talkback: Pregnancy smoking boast by mum on TV


  • if the mum finds it hard to give up smoking, then imagine what that poor baby will go through after birth? it has to give up the nicotine addiction without a second thought. or would she put a cigarette in her baby's mouth after every bottle? sick, thoughtless and so harmful. if you can give up smoking dont have a baby. grrrrr

    and no i have never smoked
  • How thick can one person be?!! She seriously needs educating if she is to be trusted looking after her daughter, I dont beleive she will be a good mother x
  • We all make mistakes but this is just stupid and selfish. #nykxx you are so right, the poor child really hasnt been given the best start in life and this is coming from the women who made and grew the child and whom is suposed to unconditionaly love them. Its ignorence and plain thickness.

    #Never smoked. My mother did through all 5 of her pregnancys. I suffered with asthma and bronchitis as a child.
  • Hi im charlies wilcoXs mum sam ...I would just like to say my daughter applied to do this doctormentry due to her eating problem ie not eating much .... but once they new she smoke they changed there minds and wanted to do her story about her smoking even though she only smoked a few a day...I was there on filming days and my daughter did nothing wrong ....... you will never no what happened on filming days ! You made my daughter look like a right ....tnuc .... u made my daughtet smokers smoke more by asking her to keep roling a fag ever 5 mins
  • I dont know how any mum can beleive smoking to be good for her or her unborn baby.

    I understand giving up may not be easy - like any habit however surely most mums to be can at least cut back a bit!

    I think I saw this episode and cannot believe she thinks smoking is good in any way shape or form!

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