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Talkback: No need to ditch your cat during pregnancy, experts reveal


  • We have 2 girl cats Maisey and Maddison. We got them at 6 weeks old and they're now 5. Mia is coming up for 3 and Ava's one. i got annoyed like you. If anything the cats stayed clear of the girls and now they are bigger the cats and the girls love to play with each other. Mia likes to put their food out for them. I think it's mad that people give up their cats. I loved having Maddison especially while I was pregnant. She used to lay on the floor next to me and snuggle up to my bump. Mia used to kick and Maddison used to tap my bump back. Lol. I think it's great that you're keeping your cats.


  • Totally agree with both of you ... when I was telling people about my pregnancy they would all inform me that I had to get rid of my cat before I got there congratulations!

    Now they all say I will have to watch my cat because she will sit on the babies face out of spite and/or jealousy which I think is total rubbish ... My mollie to totally spoilt always has been and always will be even when baby arrives and she is scared of her own shaddow if someone knocks at the front door she runs and hides till its all clear ... most of my friends dont even believe I have a cat because she hides until they leave so I have a feeling we will have to protect her from the baby lol

    I have bought cat nets for the cot and moses basket but mainly becuase she will sleep in there when the baby isnt using them and I dont want a furry baby lol

    I did do research on the net regarding cats sitting on babies faces and it seems that it was an old wives tale from the middle ages relating to religion and witches?  and there are no solid cases of this happening cats have been found next to babies that have died of cot death and its believed they might have tried to keep the babies warm after they passed as cats are very protective.

    Sorry rant over!

  • i enjoy a good rant. i'm probably well known for it on here. It's like osmeone telling you to get rid of a member of your family though. Mia tried squashing Ava a bit at first, like sitting on her so we could only see her. It's like someone saying get rid of Mia because we was having Ava. Mental.
  • Hello I have 3 cats and they have been fine, only they arent getting the attention they used to get but they dont seem to mind and when my little boy crys they all just go and hide !
  • But you also have a risk of getting Toxoplasmosis from unwashed veg...

    I lived on the edge during both my pregnancies and kept my cats and my carrots image
  • LOL Angie!

    I do think you have to excercise some caution as with anything, I have two cats (and a mad springer!) and my cats do like to sit on my chest, close to my face - if I let them. So I would never let them in Harry's bedroom and always kept the door shut

    But for people to think you should get rid of your cats in case -is madness!

    When Harry was younger one doctor suggested I get rid for the cats & dog in case it was that causing Harry's slight breathing problem -they cant diagnose asthma at that age and he wasnt even bad enough for a pump then (although he does need one ocassionally now). But who is to say if I got rid of them he would be any better he is the same at anyones house no matter if they have animals or not!

    people who dont have pets dont understand but they are part of our family!!
  • There have actually been studies proving that pets help your baby build a stronger immune system - yes not a warming thought that this is because they're exposed to more germs early on but it's better than them coming down with something serious later on in life because they were protected from germs too much!
  • I think germs do you some good. I stopped steralising bottles and all the rest of it once these two started crawling. I know you're supposed to do it for the first year but 5 months was enough for us. If they are crawling all over the floor, they're at the area where feet at treading germs all over, pets tromping the outside in. Our girls have an awesome immune system and are so rarely ill.

    If people are thinking about getting rid of pets for toxoplasmosis then wash their hand after changing the litter try and / or wear gloves. Or they could follow what I did and say that's your other halfs job as you're caring for the unborn baby 24/7 they have to sort the cats out. Lol. Mia was 6 months old before he realised I wasn't doing the litter tray still and I'd left it all to him.


  • Worra load of old tosh. Haha.. i couldnt get rid of my cat. Shes my little baby. Like someone said earlier, you have to exercise caution as with almost anything. I wouldnt let the cat sleep in the room with the baby as she is shut down stairs during night but to get rid of your animals just because your having a child? Id understand if it was an unruly staffy or a massive rotty that has the tendancie to snap now and again. I think it all depends on the owner, the parent, and how careful you are with anything. xx
  • I am 30 weeks pregnant at the moment and i'm sick of people saying my cats will try to suffocate the baby. I swear if one more person say its to me they will feel the full rath of my pregnancy hormornes.. may i also add that it is ALWAYS people who don't and have never owned cats that keep saying this to me. I find it very upsetting to even think of life without my boys, they are part of the family.
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