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Talkback: Call to ban smoking in cars with children


  • I think it's a great idea but is it going to get enforced. The ban on driving in works vehicles seems to of done nothing in this area. The local council use CCTV to fine people for throwing cig ends out of car windows (especially taxis) but other then that there are loads of people still smoking. I think the most amazing thing would be people doing it for their children, not just because it's the law. I'm not all anti-smoking as I smoked for 12 years but as soon as I was pregnant with Mia that was it and I've not had one since. The thought of kids breathing in smoke in cars or when adults are right in their face smoking makes me so sad.

    And, I agree Charmaine, it can be dangerous smoking and driving. The amount of times I've not been concentrating in the past trying to get my ash out the window. In all honesty I'm surprised I've never had an accident.

  • I totally agree, it should be banned. As a smoker myself with a 12 week old I will not smoke or let others smoke around him. It's not fair on children who have to sit in a car breathing in harmful chemicals with no choice in the matter. There's no need to either, why not smoke before or after getting in the car? If you're that desperate, pull over and get out to have one. It makes me mad when I see people smoking with young children and babies around, you wouldn't put them in any other harmful situation and it's no different with cigarettes. Will it work though?People still eat/drink/use mobiles and it might not make a huge difference even if it was made illegal.
  • Agree Charmaine - it's not safe enough to eat/drink talk on your phone whilst driving so why it's still ok to drive around whilst holding something that's on fire I'll never know!

    My Hubby smokes (not whilst me or the kids are in the car) - the fag ash on the seats is awful. It's an addiction I just don't understand.
  • I am lucky, I have never smoked, it has never appealed to me, but my sister smokes and she doesnt even smoke in the house let alone the car,

    I agree it would be difficult to police image
  • From a safety point of view, smoking should be banned whilst you are driving a car anyway, your not allowed to use a mobile or eat or drink whilst driving - smoking is still a distraction too!

    From a health point a view, smoking in a car is awful if you have any passenger which does not smoke - let alone children who dont have a choice - they are in such a confined space - great idea to ban smoking in cars full stop!
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