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Talkback: How to help your baby learn to chew


  • Hello, I am not sure if I am late in answering but my lo is 16 mo and am having trouble making him chew food. He's a picky eater, loves milk and he let food melt in his mouth then swallow it so I am

    Not giving him anything that can make him shoke. What to do?
  • Hi there, I have a 15month baby girl and she still doesn't really chew. She does the chewing motion but she refuses to swallow and spits everything out. She can break things like a biscuit and melt it in her mouth, she can also eat things like mango, banana, papaya, which she can "chew" with her tongue (in a way). She recently got really sick of pureed/soft foods and completely refuses to be spoonfed. I have tried a lot of different type of recipes for finger foods but because she can't chew, she spits everything out and she has now not eaten properly for a month. Doctor says it's a phase but I am really worried. Do you have any tips?
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