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Talkback: Shocking drinking revelations of pregnant teenager


  • Any one with that attitude does not deserve to be able to have a baby, it will mostly be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and then the "mother" will give it up for adoption for some else to raise the child that she has damaged through her own selfish ways.

    it makes me really angry that this is allowed to carry on, there are so many good people out there who are, through no fault of their own, not able to have babies who would love to have the opportunity that this idiot is just throwing away. And if her so called friends were her real friends they would discourage her from drinking alcohol, whats wrong with no alcoholic drinks, if you cant give up booze for 9 months then you have a drink problem.
    If she wants to keep on partying, they dont get pregnant its easy or is she just after the money that comes with having a baby (believe me the money is not great for those of us who work, but for people who choose not to work it money is a lot, ive just discovered this fact).
    as someone who has been through many miscarriages and finally have my baby i cannot work out what is wrong with this so called "mum to be" catch a wake up and stop drinking now, and where is she getting the money from to drink so much anyway ? oh that would be the stupid taxpayer, I.E. ME
  • What a self centred, selfish, stupid little girl she is. How dare she put her image before her unborn baby. Poor little thing doesn't stand a chance. Girls like her really don't deserve children.
  • I did everything right in all of my pregnancies and still had 1 miscarriage and a baby born with congenital heart defects. It sickens me to think that this irresponsible little girl is probably going to go on to have a perfectly healthy baby, when she obviously doesn't deserve a baby at all.
  • How selfish-her poor baby. Surely her own family must be disgusted by her actions-if it were my daughter I would be livid with her..
  • I almost can't believe I'm reading this. Surely no-one could be that selfish, arrogant and stupid?

    A baby is a gift, it sounds as though she knows the risks of her behaviour, yet doesn't care enough about her unborn child to act responsibly.

    On this basis, she doesn't appear to be responsible enough to care for her baby properly once he/she is born.

    I hope someone reads this article and recognises the girl. Then I hope they talk some sense into her before she does irreparable harm to this defenceless little baby.
  • I hate this sore of thing. I am 18 on the first of august and having my baby is due on the 10th. I have never once thought about drinking, if i wonted to do that i wouldn't have got pregnant.
    she should have that baby taking of her when it born till she can prove she can be a good mother as she is not being one now.
    I hate people like this as it gives everyone a bad veiw on teenage mums. Not to blame them though as i have a bad view on teenage mums and im going to be one. Im just going to be the best i can be though and try to let people now that not all of us or stupid and self-center like this person, and that we can be good mums
  • Poor, poor baby... this self-centered and selfish pregnant freak should be detained until the baby is born to make sure she does not drink any more. And God knows if she will be looking after the baby properly once it is born! If her "party girl image" is more important to her than a helpless, completely dependent little bundle, then this baby is facing bleak future.

    It is such a gift, to have a baby! She does not deserve to be a mother! And even if the baby is born without any defect (and I so hope it will be), it will be alcohol-dependent and thus crying a lot... Do you think this selfish idiot (sorry, I meant "mother") will be able to give unconditional love and comforting that her baby will need? Poor, poor little thing...
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