Talkback: Weaning before six months


  • my daughter is 5 months old and a half. I started giving her solid baby rica mixed with formula at 5months old when I noticed how curious she was about what her daddy and I are eating. yesterday I gave her carrot purred. she didn't like it but later I mixed it with baby rice and formula and she had it. till what age I can mix her food with formula and is it good to do that? doesn't she have to get used to the new flavors? ie without mixing with formula?
  • My Grandaughter is almost 3 months old and since she was born she has been poorly. She suffers from really bad reflux to the extent that she has coughed blood... she got sdmitted into hospital when she was 3 weeks old with suspected whooping cough but thankfully the doctors ruled that out and diagnosed reflux. She looked really poorly all the time as she wasnt thriving or sleeping and constantely crying out in pain. However she has started to thrive now and we get the smiles in between the cries. She is still having to take ranitideine 3 times a day but she is getting slowly bettter and stronger. When at a follow up appointment on Christmas Eve the doctor suggested that it would be better to start weaning earlier and he sugested 3 1/2 to 4 months old as she will be able to keep a puree down easier than milk... which makes sense in one way I just hope her digestive system has deleloped properly when the time comes.
  • Weaning Wisely is the key! The Department of Health guidelines are simply that, guidelines.

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